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Marriage coming up? How about a $10 wedding dress?


For one of the greatest bargains in the wedding industry head over to Canton, Texas’ First Monday Trade Days, where you can choose from about 250 wedding dresses for $10 apiece. There’s no catch. For ten bucks, a bride can look like a million bucks.

First Monday Trade Days has been going on for 167 years. It’s held for four days before the first Monday of each month. It covers hundreds of acres, with as many as 6,000 vendors. It’s dubbed the largest flea market in the USA. To see it all without rushing you’d need all four days. There isn’t much you can’t buy. Need a six-foot tin rooster? No problem.

Mannequin bride models dresses

THE WEDDING DRESSES are inside the Civic Center building, one of many indoor venues, at the Saxton’s Vintage Linens, which occupies booths 114-123, probably a couple thousand square feet. Lynda and Rick Saxton own the business, which specializes in linens, about a million different items from bedspreads to doilies to aprons ($1 and up).

But it’s the wedding dresses that catch your eye — an entire corner of the display, far too many to easily count. Lynda Saxon has pickers throughout the country who pay $5 wholesale for the dresses, then ship them to her to sell for $10.

When she isn’t selling her linens and dresses at First Monday, she sells on eBay, usually about 1,000 items at a time. You’ll find her here.


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4 years ago

Another great place is the Unclaimed Baggage Store in Scottsboro, AL. They have about 6000 wedding dresses at all time. This is a fun place to visit. Plan on several hours.