Wednesday, January 26, 2022


Best demonstration of travel trailer sway danger

Trailer sway is dangerous and can ultimately prove deadly when it results in a crash. Here, we believe, is the best video demonstration of how trailer sway occurs and how to prevent it.

Watch as a toy car pulls a trailer on a special treadmill where the load in the trailer can be switched easily from place to place — front, back, middle, etc., each method affecting the vehicle’s towing stability. See the absolutely worst way to position a load.

If you own a travel trailer, please watch this video from Australia.

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1 year ago

I see the question”What can I do about sway” on here ALL the time. This gives a good overview. Our trailer has lots of storage areas, but I’m not sure they are in the best place – too much over one axle. That’s why it’s a good idea to weigh them separately.

1 year ago

If one notices, the vehicle pulling a trailer in the video, as it begins to pass the semi it attempts to move into the same lane ahead of the semi, but over corrects because it isn’t far enough ahead to safely do so. That starts the events that causes the trailer to begin swaying that ultimately ends up causing the accident.

M. Will
1 year ago

The idiot in the video was passing what looked like a big rig truck in the right lane. Don’t know why he was and that caused his trailer to start to sway like it did and before you know it he was _crewed. He was also going way to fast anyway. Hensley Arrow hitches are great but most people who would benefit the most by having one wouldn’t put out the money that they cost. They are expensive. There are alot of cheap hitches on the market that claim to be sway control hitches and I just don’t think they solve a sway problem at all. If you have a big time sway problem with your trailer and want to be as safe as possible buy a Hensley Arrow type hitch. You get what you pay for……………………..

Kevin Hogle
1 year ago
Reply to  M. Will

It’s Australia. They drive on the opposite side. It’s a highway pass.

1 year ago

Hensley arrow has a video also demonstrating their hitch. No sway . An entirely different concept of anti sway that doesn’t use friction bars. Should check it out before buying the low priced stuff.

M. Will
1 year ago
Reply to  Thomas

Friction bars are what these low cost hitches use to prevent sway. They might work a little bit but if you take a look at how they designed to work it is all about friction between two surfaces. A true sway control hitch like a Hensley works. Watch there videos.