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Here’s how to better organize your RV. It’ll make a huge difference

When we first purchased our RV, we could hardly contain our excitement! Family and friends were excited for us, too. In fact, family members helped us set up the RV before our maiden voyage. Time flies, a few years have passed, and now seems like a good time to take a second look. Is there a better way to organize the RV so that it functions more efficiently for the way we really live in it? Turns out, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”


I’d bet everyone has them. You know, the “extras” that you thought you needed, but as you’ve lived in your rig you’ve discovered you don’t! Take a minute or two and go through a cupboard or bank of drawers. Ask yourself: When is the last time I used this? If you can’t recall, it may be time to remove the item from the RV.

Hubby and I have hauled our salad spinner/lettuce keeper from coast to coast and not used it once! Our cake pans have not seen the light of day since my sister placed them in the drawer years ago. Sure, it’d be nice to enjoy freshly baked coffee cake at breakfast, but it hasn’t happened yet, so those pans are history. You get the idea.


We originally stocked our RV with Goodwill finds, garage sale treasures, and hand-me-downs from family. It was great! Now, however, I’m done trying to deal with the loose knob on the fry pan’s lid. Ditto for the toaster that only toasts one side of the bread. I can still live with the mismatched silverware and dishes, but those dish towels have definitely seen better days. They can go and live in the RV basement to help Hubby with his messy chores. I’m getting new ones.

Take a look around your kitchen and other areas in your RV. If you’re like me, you may not be able to replace everything. (At least not all at once.) But if there are a few things that rankle, consider getting new.


As I mentioned, friends and family helped us originally stock our RV. Family members put things away where they thought made sense. Every item stayed in that original place. For years. Until I decided to take a closer look. Yes, it makes sense that the slow cooker should be in the kitchen or galley area. However, I only use it occasionally. I relegated that big ol’ cooker to a cupboard in the living room. I can still easily retrieve it when I want, but now I have extra space and a more accessible spot for our plastic containers, which seem to procreate in the cupboard! Anyone else experience this strange phenomenon?


After the hard work of removing, replacing, and reorganizing, it’s time to think about refreshing the aesthetics of your RV interior. My new dish towels will brighten the galley area. A different picture on our bedroom wall might be nice, and I really should get updated pictures of the grandkids to display on the side table.

Sofa pillows, a live or artificial flowering plant, or a different rug by the entry door can also refresh the looks of your rig. So can a brightly colored kitchen utensil holder or a bath hand towel. These simple things can make your RV feel like new again!

How have you reorganized your RV to make it function better? Share your ideas in the comments, please.


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Karen S.
10 months ago

I use my small salad spinner! I cook almost every day when we are in RV. I pretty much use all my gadgets, but they are smaller versions of the appliances we have in our sticks and bricks. Anything we find that we do not use, we take off the RV. We are newly retired and RV more than half the year. We followed advice from others along our way.

Richard Hughes
10 months ago

We only had our C class two years when we switched to a trailer. We could not believe how much “necessary stuff” we had to remove and how much of it became unnecessary when we looked at it. About five hundred pounds lighter and a tax deductible donation slip in our pocket.

10 months ago

The key to a stress free life in an rv is to have all your stored items in “numbered” plastic totes, & also numbered sub-containers inside larger totes. Then create an Excel spread sheet that shows exactly which tote or container the item is in. This completely eliminates the search for an item. It also means you don’t have to try to store like items together. If you’re looking for that extra anode rod for your water heater, you just pull out the list & it will tell you exactly which container it’s in. It takes a little effort to set the list up initially, but it’s well worth it, if you keep it current. I have an outside list for things in our exterior storage bays & an inside list for things inside the rv. I also have a list for things stored in a cargo trailer that we leave in our home town, for items that we want to keep, but don’t want in the rv. This system has worked beautifully for us in our 12 years of fulltiming so far.

10 months ago
Reply to  Fred

Oh my!

10 months ago
Reply to  Fred

Too much.

David Telenko
10 months ago
Reply to  Fred

What a great idea, seems a lot more fit for a weekender that goes out 5 or 6 times a year & for sure forgets where stuff is! I tried to do that but I couldn’t find the list. LOL

Donna Gr
10 months ago
Reply to  Fred

I have started my list, inventory.

9 months ago
Reply to  Fred

Got a neat hack for class A or C rvs

Rose Kanoldt
9 months ago
Reply to  Rose

Put a pole..wood, metal conduit etc across coach right behind pilot n coolly seats up high. Use shower rod brackets,slide on energy eff. Blackout drapes with large grommets. Use 4 panels. Use these to keep dash AC up front on hot days. Great for lunch or nap privacy. I used 63″length and just slide them shut or open. No need to attach to each other.
Got this hack from fellow rv’r Bruce Plumb. Cost..less than 50 bucks.

Kim Meeusen
5 months ago
Reply to  Fred

Love this idea! Thx!!

Sharon B
5 months ago
Reply to  Fred

Amen! So right. I now live in a 5th wheel. Without using clear containers with ID’s on each box I can’t imagine finding anything. Thank you Fred!

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