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Hidden storage in your RV? Yup, here’s where to find it

It’s closer than you think… I’m talking about that extra storage space you’ve been looking for. My husband and I never seem to have enough space for things like extra pillows, blankets, and towels. Recently we needed these extras because our grandkids planned to spend some time with us in our RV. I had three days to find a place to put the extra linens because I didn’t want to be tripping over the pillows, etc., while the kiddos were visiting. So, I began my space search…

Under the bed

My first idea was to check out the space under our bed. It held off-season clothes and an extra blanket for our king bed. Way in the back, I spotted our suitcases. After an initial shout of success, I realized that the suitcases already held boots and other off-season footwear. So, my search continued… (If you do have empty suitcases, you can use them for some extra storage.)

Space bag

Next, I went online to see if I might find a way to make my own “space bag.” You’ve probably seen and maybe even used the store-bought ones. You attach a vacuum hose to the bag, and it reduces the volume by removing most of the air from the bag. Well, it is possible to DIY this system! I put my extra linens inside a clean, regular kitchen trash bag and twisted the top closed. Then I put my vacuum hose down into the opening where I held the bag shut and turned on the vacuum. It worked like a charm. My previously huge bag of linens was reduced to a small bag. Now I had less mass to store but still wanted to find a place for my now shrunken linens.

Furniture’s hidden storage spaces

I noticed the space behind our RV recliners. Even when in the reclined position there was quite a bit of room between the chairs and the wall. The linen bag would be visible, but at least out of the way. My gaze wandered over to the sofa, and…

I finally found the perfect place. I know that all RVs are different and RV furniture can vary from coach to coach. However, I removed all the sofa cushions and partially lifted the stow-away sofa bed. There I discovered a nice big space. I’m talking the width and depth of the sofa, minus the sofa’s frame boards. Turns out, the sofa mattress doesn’t sit down inside this space. It rests above it. All that room was perfect for storing the linens. I can easily access them and, when not in use, they are out of sight. The linens only took up a fraction of the total space, so I have a pretty good idea of where the kiddos will store their Legos when they visit.

Check out the space under your sofa and behind other furniture pieces for possible hidden storage. Try the DIY space bag hack. Let us know about other “hidden storage” you’ve discovered in your RV.



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Vernadene (@guest_158744)
1 year ago

I store flat things under the mattress. Place mats, gift bags, seasonal window clings, large mats and rulers for sewing and quilting. We have installed shoe bags all the way around the bed base and on the inside of the closet doors.

Michael Galvin (@guest_130394)
2 years ago

Now I just need hidden weight allowance (OCCC).

Wayne Caldwell (@guest_130164)
2 years ago

After sliding the sofa away from the wall, I mounted a 1×6 to the wall behind the sofa. Now we can store several flat items in that area and have a display shelf for some dust collectors when we’re parked

jillie (@guest_130158)
2 years ago

I need to get the under the bed storage area more organized. But the cabinets over head always seem to be empty. Thats where I put the towels and other linens and things there. Trying to downsize as I am trying to get more organized for long term travel and become a seasonal traveler. I do like those plastic bags that suck the air out but never tried them. Maybe it might be time to try it. What I do do currently is pack a extra large suitcase and put it directly under the bed. This way I can just lift and reach for what I want. Now to figure out where to put the clothes hamper.

Rita Rosson (@guest_130378)
2 years ago
Reply to  jillie

I put my laundry basket in the shower behind the curtain (my small class A has separate toilet & shower)..and all the backpacks of overnight visitors to my rig too. My hidden extra storage is under the seat cushions of my dinette.👍

DONALD BIANCONE (@guest_130136)
2 years ago

Just a quick tip, write down or sketch where you put items so you can find them 6 months later because I guarantee you will forget you even had some of them.

Roger Christianson (@guest_130175)
2 years ago

I take pics and put a description on where I “hid” stuff!

Pat Larson (@guest_130133)
2 years ago

We put our extra comforters (or sleeping bags) and pillows in nice zippered throw pillow covers that complement our sofas and leave them in plain sight. 26″ ones do a great job of holding a queen comforter or a sleeping bag.

Suellen (@guest_130159)
2 years ago
Reply to  Pat Larson

That’s a fantastic idea!

Rita Rosson (@guest_130380)
2 years ago
Reply to  Pat Larson

Very clever!

DAD (@guest_130114)
2 years ago

Good ideas!
For older RVs?
There was empty space under the RV Fridge (now an Apt size Residential Fridge) and The Stove. So I knocked out the thin insert woodwork panels and a talented Woodworker made 2 oak drop down doors routed to resemble the existing cabinet doors. Stained and varnished effectively to appear as OEM – even used the same kind of readily available cabinet hinges.
If I needed even more space I could knock out the panel for a missing “Intervac” vacuum option in my old RV.

Tommy Molnar (@guest_130107)
2 years ago

The problem with finding “extra” storage space is that you find stuff to put there. More weight. Remember, “stuff expands to fill available space”. I’m constantly trying to GET RID of stuff, and that’s a huge job in itself.

Rita Rosson (@guest_130382)
2 years ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

Understand completely

Stuart Spillman (@guest_130105)
2 years ago

I have found so much hidden storage and wasted space in my last 5 RVs that it makes me wonder why the manufacturers don’t use it and sell as a feature. In my current class C I have found over 100 cubic feet of storage the previous owner would have liked.

Dale e Rose (@guest_130099)
2 years ago

Our slideout contains the couch and the galley. There is a big blank sheet of wood under the entire slide, so I found 5 doors, about 8 inches high and in a couple of widths. I cut out openings and mounted the doors, and got a lot more storage room. I just have to check that everything is in place , before I extend the slide out.

Al LeFeusch (@guest_130083)
2 years ago

I upgraded from a 13′ to a 24′ thinking I’d make use of the extra space and now I just have a bunch of empty drawers and shelves, so I’m thinking of downsizing again!

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