Big recall on some Jayco Greyhawk, Redhawk and Envoy RVs


Owners may also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153).

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While you may not own one of these RVs, if you know someone who does be sure to tell them. posts recall notices like this as they are issued. Read all recent ones by clicking here.

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Phil Johnson
9 days ago

Jayco Class C Greyhawks and Redhawks are experiencing problems with their hydraulic leveling systems. Namely that the pump and tank are mounted on an inferior bracket that permits the entire assembly to bounce up and down while driving down the road. The result is usually (as in my case) the ground wire being torn from its connecting lug and failure of the system. Sometimes the entire unit falls onto the highway! I saw an article allegedly posted by you on Facebook dated July 18 that claims that Jayco (As they have done with earlier year models with the same problem) will soon (Aug 14) announce a recall on 2018 models and have a new mounting bracket to replace the old one. The recall number is 99036515 My dealer, Hilltop RV in Minneapolis contact Jayco for verification and to order the bracket for me and told they have no recall and know nothing abount a new bracket at this time.

RV Staff (@rvstaff)
9 days ago
Reply to  Phil Johnson

Hi, Phil. Here’s a link to the NHTSA Safety Recall Report you’re questioning: Please note that the recall number is 9903515, without the “6” that you wrote in your comment. If you gave the incorrect number to your dealer, maybe that’s why Jayco said they didn’t have a recall. But it’s still interesting that Jayco allegedly denied such a recall and “knew nothing” about the bracket — since the NHTSA Safety Recall Report was based on information supplied to it by Jayco. —Diane at

Roy Christensen
15 days ago

I own a 2016 Greyhawk. I was notified about this recall LAST YEAR. I brought my MH back to the dealer where they checked out the bracket. Mine was ok as some of them were attached differently than others. The dealer even recalibrated my levelers at no charge. This was 4 years after I purchased the MH from RV One in Albany, NY.

RV Staff (@rvstaff)
15 days ago

Thanks for the info, Roy. I just looked up this particular recall, and Jayco reported it to NHTSA on July 14, 2020, and NHTSA acknowledged it on July 17: Maybe they ran into additional concerns after your Greyhawk was recalled, so issued another recall. I don’t know. But I’m glad yours was OK. 😀 —Diane at