Thursday, January 27, 2022


Big things in a small town. Casey, Illinois, is the land of giants!

If you like big things … really big things … then you should visit Casey, Illinois. This little town is home to lots of really big things. So big, in fact, that they’ve won a place in Guinness’ Book of World Records! The town of Casey boasts a population that’s under 3,000, but its huge outdoor constructions will make a big and lasting imprint on your memory.

What’s the big deal?

Normal items you probably use or see every day are featured all around town. And they are huge! Since the town of Casey isn’t all that big, you can see everything in a quick stop off Interstate 70. Casey is located between St. Louis, MO, and Indianapolis, IN. That makes it the perfect spot to stop, stretch your legs, and see amazingly large things for such a small town!

Big things you can see in little Casey:

  • Largest Wind Chime — 42 feet tall, 8.5 tons in weight
  • Largest Rocking Chair — A little over 56 feet tall and about 32 feet wide
  • Largest Pitchfork — Over 8 feet long and weighs 1,940 pounds
  • Largest Knitting Needles — 13 feet long. You’ll also see the Largest Crochet Hook — Over 6 feet long (And yes, both have been used to actually knit and crochet. It’s a requirement to qualify for Guinness’ records.)

Also included in “Casey’s Largest” are the largest golf tee, yardstick, wooden token, mailbox, pencil, birdcage, and Dutch wooden shoes. Also the largest truck key, teeter-totter, barber pole, twizzle spoon, and golf club!

Photo Credit: Josh Miller, Flickr

Why so big?

Each gigantic work of art originated as a big idea in the creative mind of Jim Bolin. As a citizen and businessman in Casey, Jim worried that if something big didn’t happen, Casey, Illinois, would become just another deserted, boarded-up town like so many others across the U.S. Jim figured that Casey’s location (right off Interstate 70) could keep it thriving. If only there was a reason for the highway’s travelers to stop, Casey might have a fighting chance.

“If people pull off the interstate to see something, they are going to buy gas; people have to eat, it’s a practical thing,” explains Bolin. “That’s what keeps your town alive, and we’re just trying to give them a reason for Casey to be the place where they stop.” To that end, Bolin began constructing larger-than-life installations to draw tourists to his town. And it’s paid off. People not only come to see the “big stuff,” but they also frequent Casey’s businesses. It’s a big success story. And a really big reason you need to schedule a stop in Casey, Illinois, soon!



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5 months ago

Casey also has a great family oriented popcorn festival Labor Day weekend. I’ve been taking my kids and grandkids for years.

5 months ago

Been there last year and it’s cool.

Ron & Ginnie Swartz
5 months ago

A great stop just off of I-70. We had overnighted at the KOA just outside of town several times without knowing about the “Big Stuff” in Casey. When registering the last time we picked up a brochure in the office that featured the attractions. I couldn’t believe we hadn’t stopped in town before. We spent a half day wandering seeing the “Big Stuff,” having breakfast, and taking lots of pictures. Many of the “Big Items” are in shops: knitting needles in a knit shop, Big wooden shoes in a candy store, Biggest golf tee (where else) at the golf course. Speaking of pictures, there is one shop, near the “Mail Box” where you can have your picture taken in front of a green screen then have your image superimposed on the “Big Rocking Chair.” It became our Christmas card photo for that year.

Casey IL is not to be missed.

Donald N Wright
5 months ago

Oh I like that Mailbox. It must be for Airmail letters and packages.

5 months ago

Our mailman would still fold everything in half before he put it in there, especially if it is marked ‘Do not fold’.