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Boondocking (and non-campground) campsites that take reservations

I’m straying from the usual Ask BoondockBob question to talk about something now that RVers will eventually be asking about. I’m just beating them to it.

That “something” is a unique new concept that could turn out to be an effective – and adventuresome – way to camp/boondock. With the cost of campground spaces continuing to rise as the construction of new campgrounds fails to keep up with the demand, many RVers are forced to seek boondocking spots instead. Finding campground campsites without reservations is nearly impossible on busy weekends and in summer, and locating boondocking spots on-the-fly can be time-consuming – and the stress relief of having a confirmed reservation for a boondocking spot is not possible.

But there is a unique concept developing right now where owners of large chunks of land, such as farms, ranches or forest acreage, can offer a space on their land for a fee, and you can even book the space online. Imagine! Boondocking with a reservation!

A new resource for finding these campsites,, lists locations across the country with a very usable format that provides the information you would need to determine whether the site is what you are looking for, the amenities (if any), what types of vehicle they will accept (tiny home, RV/trailer, car/van, tent, etc.), and how to reserve the site. You can also ask direct questions of the site owner as well as see photos of the site.

Its eclectic listings are also a good source on where to park the increasingly popular Tiny Homes, with many of these listings in Tiny Home Communities with full hookups, but you can find just about everything in between as well, such as on a 40-acre, non-profit, animal rescue operation in the mountains of rural Kentucky (photo, right), on a working fiber farm in South Carolina, and on 50 wooded acres in Colorado.

The platform has only been operational since March but is growing rapidly as they concentrate on “making the service more versatile and accessible,” according to co-founder Rishav Mukherji. “We are adding new users at a very fast pace daily,” Rishav adds. “For example, our total number of users doubled over the last week. If you look at the map on our webpage, you will see we now have camping opportunities all across the country.”

One of the problems that Rishav is experiencing now is matching short supply with an overwhelming demand.  He is calling on RVers who have utilized campsites on private land to contact him through the website so that he can add the host to their listings. 

Some of the listings have no time limitations, have monthly (and longer) rates, will trade out some of the rent for labor, and seem to be less rules-rigid than what you would find in even the most primitive campgrounds. Prices range from $5 per night (even if you only took one night) up to high double-digit rates in some of their high-line developed campgrounds in popular locations.

The website is worth a look. You can see the cost, photos and description directly on the website without having to contact the property owner. You can go directly to the listings here. We wish Rishav success in what could be an enticing new choice for those RVers looking for something other than crowded campgrounds and Walmart parking lots.  

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