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What we learned about you last week (June 16-22)


By Emily Woodbury

Another week has come and gone, which means we’ve had another week to learn some pretty neat things about you. 

Stock MarketIn last Saturday’s newsletter, we asked how you’d fare financially if the economy nosedived again like it did in 2008. The good news is that 92 percent of you (which was about 1,501 votes) think you’d be OK, even if it were a little bit of a struggle, while 8 percent of you think you’d have a pretty hard time. 

We were curious to know how many of you participate in RV club rallies, so, on Monday, we asked…and we got a pretty clear answer. A whopping 79 percent of you say you never participate in a rally and 15 percent of you say you go maybe once or twice a year. We had 42 people say they go at least once a month and 61 votes saying perhaps once every couple of months. Any upcoming rallies you’re excited for? Tell us in the comments. 

Do you carry a checkbook with you? That’s what we asked on Tuesday. We had nearly 2,000 votes on this one, and the verdict says nope, you usually don’t. There are 30 percent (just under 600) of you who say you always carry one with you, but the majority, 64 percent (1,232), say you never do. A few of you said you do, but only when out shopping. 

It looks like we have some handymen and women in the audience! On Wednesday we asked if you considered yourself handy around the house or RV. For the 12 percent of you who say you’re so handy you put others to shame, maybe you could help our editor, Chuck, since he’s, well, not so handy (at all). Oh wait, he has Gail (who is the one who fixes everything in the RV – she’s a pro!). We’re glad to hear that 63 percent answered they’re pretty handy, or at least above average, and 3 percent of you (that’s about 50 votes) say if you try and fix anything, it’ll be a disaster (yep, that’s Chuck).

Last but not least, on Thursday we wondered what you think of the condition of U.S. highways. Great? Good? Poor? Terrible? Well, one percent (that’s 13 of you) think it’s excellent, 55 percent of you think it’s good, 29 percent think it’s pretty poor, and 3 percent think it’s awful. Yep, seems about right. 


Anything you’d be interested in learning about your fellow readers? If you have a question, email it to emily (at), and we’ll let you know if we feature it in a poll. 

Thanks for voting, fellow RVers! We’ll see you back here next week with another exciting report. 

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Danny Wells
4 years ago

If your towing a travel trailer not many interstate highways could possibly be considered good or excellent. The left lanes are almost all terrible. Most are so bad if you must use the Interstate System drive in the right lane as much as possible to avoid whiplash. ( I-10, I-59 are good examples) I personally try to stay off the Interstates.

Steven M Jenkins
4 years ago

As for road conditions on the interstate highways, it all depends on where you are. Even though it is a Federal highway system, politics get in the way. In Louisiana, for example, the condition of I-10 is terrible!!! Especially near Lafayette. Moving west into Texas, it continues to be bad. Here and there in the Southwest there are problems but mostly they are OK. The interstate highways in Florida are kept in great condition to lure tourist dollars.

Steven M Jenkins
4 years ago

Our first rally was the FMCA Southeast Region Rally in Lakeland, FL last February. It was not attended as well as usual because the national rally would be in Georgia later on, which is not that far away. We had the unique opportunity to upgrade our dinghy braking system to Air Force One, which is far superior to what we had before. We shall attend the Tiffin Fall Rally in Vermont in October as part of an overall trip itinerary. The Fall colors should be magnificent, and the Tiffin mechanical staff will be present to look over any remaining issues we may have with our motorhome.

4 years ago

In regards to the roads, in our travels, it seems roads in the cities are worst than outside of the city. The interstates we have experience also varies, outside cities, the road is rougher when vehicles need to slow or stop, otherwise for the most part, good. Interstates in the cities leaves much to be desired

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