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9 methods to get those stubborn bugs and guts off your RV. Yuck!

By Nanci Dixon
Bugs got your windshield view covered? Have they been ending the last flight of their life on the front of your windshield or RV? Every RVer, especially this time of year when the bugs start to take flight again, knows what it’s like for their RV to be smothered in bug guts. Sorry, little flies…

Try these easy methods to get bugs off!

  1. The perfect remedy: warm water, a sponge, and dawn dish soap. Dawn will dissolve wax, grease and bugs, so reserve the solution for the windshield only. If you use it on the front cap, you’ll need to re-wax it right away.
  2. Think Coke is just for drinking? Try shaking one up, spray over the windshield, wait a few minutes and hose it off. The acid in the Coke dissolves the bugs. Hint: This is a fun one to let the kids or grandkids do! 
  3. Are the bugs really stuck on tight? Try this microfiber mesh bug sponge. RVers swear by it.
  4. Corrosion Technologies RejeX Soil and Stain Protection not only protects the RV paint, but it also reduces stuck-on bugs. It comes highly recommended.
  5. Rub bugs off with used dry or wet dryer sheets. Several people swear by them, both wet and dry. They can leave a slight film behind, so rinse or wipe off any residue with a damp cloth.
  6. Bug Off, Turtle Wax Power Foam Bug & Tar Remover, and numerous other bug cleaners are available on the market. Use according to directions, spray and wipe off quickly to avoid streaking.
  7. An RV detail shop suggests using a Magic Eraser to gently wipe away glued-on bugs. Use carefully. Test a small, hidden spot first – and don’t rub too hard. We imagine this would work similarly to that mesh bug sponge up above, but maybe try this first if you already have one on hand.
  8. When you’re all done cleaning, use Rain-X Bug Remover windshield washer fluid to help release the next batch of bugs.
  9. All cleaned up? Spray the front cap with 303 Protectant to help reduce the sticky bug residue from piling up in the future.

It’s a bug-eat-bug world out there. Good luck!


Dirty RV windshield? Here’s a quick cleaning tip


Nanci Dixon
Nanci Dixon
Nanci Dixon has been a full-time RVer living “The Dream” for the last six years and an avid RVer for decades more! She works and travels across the country in a 40’ motorhome with her husband. Having been a professional food photographer for many years, she enjoys snapping photos of food, landscapes and an occasional person. They winter in Arizona and love boondocking in the desert. They also enjoy work camping in a regional park. Most of all, she loves to travel.



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John (@guest_120097)
2 years ago

USE GreasGo. Spray on, wipe off. Black streaks, oil & tar, tires. Gets white tire and window covers white again. Amazing.

Drew (@guest_119703)
2 years ago

I’ve found “Bugs ‘N All” works pretty well.

Richard Hughes (@guest_119603)
2 years ago

Keeping a coat of polymer polish on the rig will also keep bugs from sticking.

Gary (@guest_119582)
2 years ago

Article is a fail without mentioning ProSol’s Bug ‘n All.

Jill Goldman (@guest_119553)
2 years ago

I use Scrubbing Bubbles. Wet the windshield first, spray Scrubbing Bubbles, wait a few minutes and wipe away. Rinse afterward if you wish. I contacted the company and they said not to use it on paint so I am careful not to get it on the body. Super simple.

Ken W (@guest_119538)
2 years ago

I bought the Love Bug Eraser a few years ago. I saw it on RV Travel. Still have mine.

Bob (@guest_119522)
2 years ago

I think this has been brought up before. Spray common drugstore hydrogen peroxide on the bugs. Let it sit for a few minutes until the critters foam up and wash them off.
Motorcyclists have been doing this for years.

Lorie (@guest_119561)
2 years ago
Reply to  Bob

100% hydrogen peroxide? Or mixed with water?

Wayne Caldwell (@guest_119512)
2 years ago

Everyone knows the last thing to go through a bug’s mind (regardless of which direction its flying). 😁😁😁

Ed D. (@guest_119511)
2 years ago

I use “Beast Wash”. A product that I first saw advertised on here. Just use a spray Bottle, spray it on your windshield, and the front of your coach, let it stand for a couple of minutes, then use your brush to wash them away. It is also great on Black Streaks. Gets them off without any effort! I use it for my Coach, my Car and washing the outside of our home. It is safe for all surfaces. I helped a friend at our RV Park, wash his coach and I used my Beast wash. He now uses it as well and several other people here wash their RV’s with it. I promise you, once you use Beast Wash, you will not need any of the other suggestions I have read on this article.

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