Thursday, April 15, 2021
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9 methods to get those stubborn bugs and guts off your RV. Yuck!

By Nanci Dixon Bugs got your windshield view covered? Have they been ending the last flight of their life on the front of your windshield...
Grandpa Gus mosquito spray

RVer Product Review: A mosquito repellent that works!

By Tony Barthel What is the best mosquito repellent for RVers? You see this question a lot in the RV forums and it’s something I’m...

Try this easy DIY trick to trap fruit flies (watch the video, it works!)

By Nanci Dixon It is fruit fly season here in Minnesota and boy, they are everywhere! They particularly seem to enjoy bananas (well, all fruit...

Don’t feed the mosquitoes – Protecting yourself from insects

By Greg Illes Let’s face it – the lovely forests and streams that we all enjoy when we are out-and-about are fantastic havens for all...