Saturday, October 16, 2021


Want to buy an RV? Buyer beware!

If you are thinking of buying your first RV, beware: You will be lulled into a stupor, driven by dreams of the wonderful, charmed life you will live with it. Countless millions of dollars of advertising each year aim to pound this message into your head. And it works!

Don’t trust yourself if you feel this way. Take a deep breath. Slow down. Carefully weigh the pros and cons of RV ownership and your motives for taking up the RV life.

RV lemon law attorney Steve Lehto has some candid advice in this video about buying an RV. While he admits that an RV life can be wonderful (most people agree with him), he warns that it can also be a nightmare. The dream, he says in so many words, is often not the reality.

He is not alone in warning would-be buyers to do their due diligence when planning to purchase an RV. Lehto advises renting first, and then buying a used RV (one that you have paid to have inspected to be sure all is okay).

Watch this video if you are planning to buy an RV. Do it! You could save yourself huge headaches and heartaches later.

We at are not trying to dissuade you from buying an RV. No, we’re just reminding you to do it right, with the proper investment in time researching the purchase and with realistic expectations of what might happen after you sign on the dotted line.



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Mike Schwab
4 months ago

To clarify, Steve Lehto is a Michigan Automotive Lemon Law attorney. He used to handle all kinds of cases in Michigan. Almost all Automotive Lemon Laws DO NOT APPLY to RVs.

4 months ago

Yes, one must be aware of all these things but like Jillie posted below, you MUST have done your own research first and ALL the homework.
Cracked me up that he mentioned that people sometimes buy an RV and then realize it doesn’t fit into their driveway….lol, you mean a major impulse buy??

4 months ago

You may be lulled into wanting an RV? But this article makes it sound like the worse decision ever to make. If you go to an RV dealership go knowing you have ammunition. Know what you want and the price you will walk out the door with and knowing not to get the warranty on anything ever. We did not, got the high pressure sales crap but stuck to our guns and got what we wanted for the price we wanted and are paying off after 3 years the trailer I wish was bigger but can live with it size next month. Yeah me. Now except for 2 car payments we are debt free. So go armed with knowledge and don’t let this article discourage you but encourage you to do your homework. IMO not yours.

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