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RV Review: 2021 Camp365, a most unusual folding trailer

By Tony Barthel
The 2021 Camp365 is such a different concept that it doesn’t really fit any mold, but it would fit in most garages and may take so little space that you can get it in there alongside your tow vehicle. At about 1500 lbs. it’s easily towed even with some passenger cars and smaller SUVs. 

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The Camp365 is a narrow pyramid when folded up but the sides come down and form the floors while other miracles of folding magic give it a roof and back wall. After only a bit of time, you have a camper that offers almost 7’ of headroom that is actually insulated with two layers of Aqualon, providing an air gap which undoubtedly also keeps some sounds out.

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Love it

You can actually get the Camp365 with an outdoor shower, forced air furnace, air conditioning, bunks for up to six adults, a camp stove and more. The mostly aluminum and Aqualon structure means no wood to rot.

Another truly unique feature of this trailer is that the axles are adjustable for width so you could tow this to the edge of a forest and then retract the axles down to 48” in width and literally tow this into the backcountry with an ATV. Those adjustable axles can extend back out under racks where you could put bicycles or kayaks on the sides of the trailer, much easier than lifting these onto the roof as in other trailers. 

While many convertible and folding trailers offer very little space in the event of a rain shower or other unpleasant weather, the Camp365 is pretty spacious. You could fold up the beds and bring the camp chairs in, crank up the heater and have game night inside. 

I was so intrigued by this trailer I went to SeeGrins RV where they had them on display. There, I got to see the trailer get folded from triangle-towing mode to camp trailer in just a few minutes by a single individual. The ingenuity and engineering that went into this are impressive, as is the quality of the construction. I like that there is no wood used in the construction. 

Owing to the uniqueness of this trailer, the metal triangle that forms the front cap of the trailer when it’s folded is also the dining table when it’s opened. You can also bring this table outside and hang it for use there. 

Several models were on display including one that featured a smaller air conditioner that can be run by a single 1600-watt generator. All models include a Truma heater, which is very efficient, and there is also hot and cold running water including a shower, albeit this is outside the main compartment of the trailer. 

There is also a cassette toilet available.

Lastly, the interior, although stark, is also very flexible. Rather than fixed structures, the interior is comprised of flexible structures and open space. If the layout doesn’t work for you, it’s easy to change or adapt depending on your needs or who’s going with you. It’s pretty slick. 

Leave it

This trailer has a more industrial feel than some and you do have to fold it, although that’s a relatively easy process. It’s not the luxurious trailer that some are but it absolutely fills a need and is built of materials that will last for a very long time.

In Summary

While I wouldn’t think this would be a camper for people who travel all the time, this is a great camper to have in the garage that is part of an adventure package. Considering that it can be towed by Jeeps and Subarus, those with an active lifestyle may love that you can easily bring along adventure gear and head out into the backcountry for Instagram-worthy fun. 

I was very surprised by how spacious and usable this camper is, yet how very towable it is, too. While there are less expensive campers, this is also built of materials that will last a good long while and be less susceptible to water damage. If you have a chance to see one of these, I think you might be impressed too, and it could be the right camper for many who seek adventure in their travels – or just want a very towable camper.

Tony Barthel has been a life-long RV enthusiast and travels part-time with his wife where they also produce a podcast, write about RVs and love the RV lifestyle.



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Larry Short (@guest_238500)
6 months ago

I just picked up the “GoSun” (solar) version of the Camp365. What a cool and innovative camper! One observer (and people were wanting to talk about it and take photos of this unique camper wherever I went) described it as looking like “a spaceship that transforms into a covered wagon!”

The GoSun version is completely off-grid, almost like a bug-out vehicle. Solar panels and high-capacity batteries, along with utilities (such as a solar oven, refrigerator, blankets, lights, fans, and more), and water pumps and filters make it so you could hang out in the woods almost indefinitely.

Both companies were great to work with. Due to some supply chain issues our rig was a bit late so they graciously provided us a loaner we could use until ours was ready. This not only helped me to get used to the unique aspects of manually setting up and tearing down this rig, but also appreciate the improvements they’d made in five years of innovation.

Stacey Hill (@guest_176188)
1 year ago

We have a 30′ trailer that’s stays on-site year round, but I would love something like this. This would be great for a weekend getaway from the norm or great when you have additional family at the norm. However, I wouldn’t expect to pay more than $6k for something like this. Otherwise, awesome concept.

Chicagobob (@guest_148438)
2 years ago

I look at the MSRP and get instantly turned off. At that price I would get a regular travel trailer which has heat, air, indoor plumbing and lets not forget sets up by disconnecting the hitch, lowering the stabilizers and rolling out the awning. I guess the target market is hunters and people that want a bigger tent would like this but at this price?

Bryan Craddock (@guest_159878)
1 year ago
Reply to  Chicagobob

Do you know what you get for that price in a travel trailer? A piece of junk. All trailers coming out of Indiana are built so bad the dealers are complaining about them, and you will wait weeks for repairs.

Larry Short (@guest_238501)
6 months ago
Reply to  Chicagobob

I owned a class C and spent thousands each year in maintenance and repair. I can tow the Camp365 (at 2,000 lbs.) with my Subaru Forester and store it in my garage for the winter. No winterizing and can take it out whenever I want. Many, many advantages, and it’s far more sophisticated and unique than most tent trailers etc.

seadude (@guest_130476)
2 years ago

Man! just watch the youtube video on setting it up, including bed and other stuffs… Don’t miss the water setup and the AC setup. Looks like it will take a long time. To the point I feel this is embarrassing… So it’s a no for me. On top of all the setup time, it is not even a fully hard sided trailer. and there are many places that won’t allow trailer that is not fully hard sided. Yellowstone fishing bridge comes to mind. So please think twice before buying this junk.

I think there are other fully hard sided trailers that is a lot easier to setup with build in hot water and kitchen in the similar price range. A-frame pop up trailer like aliner or chaletrv come to mind. Aliner and Chaletrv also can fit in any size garage easily. Can be tow with small suv or minivan too. So I don’t get the point of this seemingly high tech but sadly pointless junk!

Last edited 2 years ago by seadude
Steve Black (@guest_161796)
1 year ago
Reply to  seadude

Clearly, it’s not in your market, but you loose credibility when you refuse to recognize the features that you don’t need.

When was the last time you hauled an RV behind an ATV, for example. This qualifies to go down 50″ trails. Try that with your hard side.

Take your unit home and park it in your garage. Oh, wait, can’t do that either?

Haul your unit behind a sedan. Strike 3.

Wanting something different is fine. Attacking something because it’s different from what you want is immature.

Steve Babcock (@guest_118565)
2 years ago

Okay, so I don’t know if the person who posted below is from a rival company or something but my family and I just completed our first two nights in this cabin and it really did take us about 10 minutes to set up and 10 minutes to break down. I don’t know what this lady is talking about with all of the buttons – yes there are buttons but you only need to unbutton about 8 of them when leaving or setting up… I have no idea what she was talking about. It tows like a dream, kept us warm (in 45 degree weather) for two nights, and in general, worked very well. It almost sounded like the lady below took the cabin apart, but although you CAN take the top layer off, there’s absolutely no reason why you’d want or need to. The water systems, electrical systems, etc all worked wonderfully. Best camper we’ve ever owned!

Lance M (@guest_124429)
2 years ago
Reply to  Steve Babcock

Keep us posted on your experience. I’m contemplating pulling the trigger on this thing

M Blondin (@guest_108937)
2 years ago

We owned one early 2020. It was the worst trailer ever!!! Ten minute setup, yeah right. 10-15 minutes to get the jacks out and the walls up, Ok. But they don’t mention the almost 50 snaps that you have to do inside and out to weather proof the thing. The two side window awning are a joke, the two awkward shelves that pull out for the sink, stove and toilet just doesn’t work that well. You have to use the dirty from traveling back cap as your dinner table. We were constantly promised the outside awning and outdoor room, but it’s probably a good thing I don’t think my fingers could take anymore snaps. There is very little storage so unless you are pulling it with a truck a family had no space for camping supplies.

M Blondin (@guest_108938)
2 years ago
Reply to  M Blondin

It took a family of four about an hr to set up or take down, between having to break down all the bedding and put everything away undo the snaps and walls 😓 So after multiple attempts at trying to make it work the trailer failed every time and sent us home early. The wall supports striped out, the canvas snaps brake, water system failed etc. So even after driving out to have it fixed at their manufacturing facility we still continued to have problems. Nice concept, but there are too many short comings that haven’t been properly worked out for a family’s camping needs, it might work fine for a couple of guys for a hunting or fishing cabin that are going to place it for a substantial amount of time.

Warren Epstein (@guest_157633)
1 year ago
Reply to  M Blondin

We had a lot more problems than that. Took it back to the factory, etc. I’d like to hear more about your story. Please contact me at warren******* [Part of email address removed by Diane at, after forwarding it to M Blondin.]

RV Staff
1 year ago
Reply to  Warren Epstein

Hi, Warren. Since you were responding to a comment from 11 months ago, I’ve forwarded it by email to M Blondin. I also removed part of your email address in your comment so it’s not “out there” for the bad guys to get ahold of, since our website is viewed all over the world. Have a great Christmas and a healthy and terrific 2022! 🙂 –Diane

billh42 (@guest_100121)
3 years ago

Interesting concept. I’ll bet the designer liked to play with Transformers when he/she was a kid. Not really sure how practical it is with all those moving parts. More stuff to break!

M j (@guest_99796)
3 years ago

I wounder how well it would tow in a strong cross wind, like the 50-60mph one’s we get in the southwest

Last edited 3 years ago by M j
Joyce G (@guest_99721)
3 years ago

Looks like a great alternative for fishermen & hunters as opposed to tenting. The price tag is a little expensive, but alas if you fish or hunt it is not a “cheap” hobby.

Rich Miller (@guest_99776)
3 years ago
Reply to  Joyce G

Agree whole heartedly with your comment, .. up to the price. The two concepts are not conjoined at the hip. On the surface, this RV concept is too expensive for what you get. Might be different if I saw it in person. But $32k for what I see in the pics, vs. $32k for a hard sided TT. No contest,… hardsided.

Lance M (@guest_124428)
2 years ago
Reply to  Rich Miller

A dealer near me is selling 2020 models at nearly 1/2 MSRP price. Tempting at that price…

Donald N Wright (@guest_99718)
3 years ago

tony, this is really cool ! Where is it built ?

WEB (@guest_99783)
3 years ago

It was mentioned this was origami, so then I would say Japan! But digging into stories on this puzzler, all I could find was a reference to Eden Prairie, MN but don’t hold me to it.

Bill T (@guest_99665)
3 years ago

Do people actually by these? I would think that $19995 – $32995 is rather expensive to spend on a piece of “origami” that would spend 90% of the time in someones garage.

Bull (@guest_100049)
3 years ago
Reply to  Bill T

“Do people actually by these?”

Why Not???

No different than regular RV’s folks buy everyday, let sit in their driveway or PAY STORAGE for 90+% of the time they own it.

At least this RV takes up far less room!

Robert Cameron (@guest_104000)
3 years ago
Reply to  Bill T

Would have to agree RV tech 20+ years and ill say it, “what you pay for a concealed pos is ridiculous to say the least,but concept functionality awesome but where is my 30,000??? A little bit of Aluminum stock k be generous 5,000… Appliances, cassette toilet lighting2,000…suspension1,000 exterior bling awning prefab assy.2,000 k missed items fabrics fasteners3,500 start up licenses facility breakdown % per unit 8-10,000 very generous estimations per unit 19-25,000 the man hit it on the button its a shame more start-ups that what to change the industry don’t pay attention to the fact people want quality at respectable prices…. Fallow Tiffin s sister start up 5th wheel division at right around 70,000 for something considered to be custom high end….just saying…thanks for letting me vent. Rob rc mobile rv…

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