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Mug shots! Show us your favorite mug, October 24, 2020

In a recent issue of our Saturday RV Travel newsletter, we asked you to submit a photo and short description of your favorite mug. These are some of your submissions.

We’ll update this weekly. Thank you for sending in so many wonderful submissions!

From John Ingebretson. I climbed Mount Whitney with my son several years ago and every time we camp within sight of the mountain, it brings back fond memories!

From Bryan Barlow. This used to be my wife’s coffee mug. It became my favorite because of its curled lip. It could be the ugliest possible mug in the world but as long as it has a curled lip, which makes drinking coffee easier (no drips) it would still be my favorite.

From Tim McRae. Bought this while traveling around, for myself, so my kids could give it to me for Father’s Day. I get the best gifts that way🤣.

From Bobbie Sauter. We got this mug after watching the documentary Winnebago Man. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a must-watch. This quote is from the main character, Jack Rebney.

From Donna Brasfield. This is my RV mug. Our motto comes from the Disney movie Up, “Adventure is Out There.” We have art from the movie on the wall and Dug and Kevin plush animals on the sofa. My husband is my greatest adventure!

From Rob Stewart. Christmas present 2 years ago. Fortunately the other 2 kids haven’t seen it. She’s the oldest at nearly 40 (omg, did I actually say that?) – the others are not far behind. Great thought to wake up to along with the morning cup o’ joe.

From Jackie Holt. This beautiful mug was given to me right after we started full-timing, over 15 years ago. She passed away a couple of years later so now every morning when having my coffee I think of her.

From Linda Scott. We received this mug from Muncho Lake RV Park at KM 710 off the Alaskan Hwy when we were on a tour to Alaska. Sadly, the park didn’t make it, but what great camping! I think of the area fondly when I drink my favorite beverage (coffee or tea).

From Pat Guenin. To understand the meaning behind this mug, you have to understand how to pronounce our name. It’s GUENIN…the “Gue” sounds the same as the “gue” sound in the word “GUESS”. Gue-nin. Thus the phrase “Just B’Guenin (B’Ginnin’) the Glampin’ in our Wheel Estate. I got this from VistaPrint online. Not exactly a campground or a tourist attraction, but an awesome place to get LOTS of neat things personalized. I just made it on my Printshop program and uploaded it to their site. When I ordered the same design in a decal for the RV, they had a special, so I ordered this mug too, and I love it! Thanks for the opportunity to share…really enjoy seeing all the cute mugs!

From Angela Underwood. My husband ordered this for me and had it personalized to match our camper and even my red camping blanket and leather backpack.

See last week’s batch of mug shots here.


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1 year ago

Contrary to what is reported with the Alaska Highway mug, it seems the Muncho Lake RV Park is very much in operation.

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