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Camping World’s “Design Centers”: Where you do the work

A friend of mine is pretty excited. She recently discovered Camping World’s newest consumer offering: their very own “Design Center.” Camping World has been paying attention. They’ve noticed that many, many folks are redecorating their RVs. (You’ve probably noticed the trend, too.) From fifth wheels to travel trailers to motorhomes, lots of folks are redesigning the interior of their camping rigs to better reflect their personal styles. And Camping World does not intend to miss out on the potential boom in RV modifications.

Camping World’s Design Center has been open for a year

Turns out, Camping World’s Design Center concept rolled out about a year ago. During the COVID-19 isolation years, people not only purchased RVs in record numbers, but they also began remodeling them. After all, working from home meant additional available time for renovations. Stimulus money meant that folks could better afford to make their RVs just the way they like. Big box stores like Lowe’s and The Home Depot benefitted from these renovations. And Camping World took notice.

Something new?

I thought Camping World offered RV furniture and appliances to purchase for quite some time. So, what’s new about the Design Center? Maybe Camping World is simply redecorating their own stores. It makes sense from a marketing standpoint. Push all of your “redesigning” merchandise into one location inside the store and display a large sign that reads: “Design Center.” Voila! A “new” RV space targeting the RV rehabber.

New or simply rearranged?

I didn’t realize that Camping World offered kitchen faucets or peel-and-stick backsplashes. Maybe I just didn’t notice them before they moved to their new “Design Center” location. They also stock Add-a-Drawer products, medicine cabinets, and window treatments. But don’t let the “window treatments” label trick you! If you want washable, easy, breezy curtains featured in most YouTube RV rehabs, you’ll need to sew your own. Or purchase curtains from your local department store. CW stocks the typical RV pleated shades, reflective window foil, and common factory-type RV window treatments.

But wait! There’s more!

When I hear “Design Center” I envision a dedicated interior decorator sitting at a desk outfitted with a computer that will show you (in 3-D, no less) how your redesigned room or rooms will appear. I’m not sure you should expect the same level of service at Camping World’s “Design Center.” Their website says, “Just walk in and take a look! If you need assistance, we’ll be close by to help you out!” Oh, okay. I guess you’ll play the part of designer and the Camping World Design Center store personnel will help you find the items you’re looking for.

Not here … yet

Not every Camping World store features a “Design Center.” I know my local store doesn’t. At least, not yet. The Design Center idea may very well prove to be successful. With the cost of new RVs skyrocketing, more and more people are choosing to purchase “previously loved” RVs and then redecorating them in a style that they prefer. So, we’ll wait, watch, and see.

Have you visited a Camping World’s Design Center? What did you think? Tell us in the comments, please.



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Tony Barthel(@tony)
3 months ago

As much as I’m no fan of Camping World, this is a brilliant idea. Offering these aftermarket upgrades will keep folks coming back and, potentially, getting them interested in a new rig. Not often that I commend Camping World but, well, if the shoe fits…

I don’t mean to give Marcus Lemonis any ideas but what if they sold “blank” campers or mostly blank campers and then you got to pick and choose? Now that would be game changing.

Last edited 3 months ago by Tony Barthel
3 months ago

Removed the horribly uncomfortable jack knife sofa and dinette (never sat at it to eat) in my Connect TT. Put in a counter height rolling dropdown table with stools (still haven’t sat at it to eat) and a residential recliner. Painted the walls white and the cabinets gray with coral and turquoise handles. Put removable wallpaper on the door in a beachy wood pattern. Made curtains out of ironing board cloth that reflects the heat. Whiteboard paper on the fridge. Love MY rv with no browns.

3 months ago

We are going to do a lot of renovations on our 5th wheel, but I can assure you that I will not be going anywhere near a Camping World.

3 months ago

We just finished removing & replacing all furniture in our MH. Captains seats, dinette, & sofa. We first went to our local CW. They had all 3 of the furniture pieces we were looking to replace, but not all in one package. Everything was different design or color. We had a very nice sales person, but could not figure out how CW could put everything into one style. I hope this design center for CW works out because we needed to touch & feel new furniture before we bought. We went with They were great to work with, & furniture is real nice, but we couldn’t sit or look at furniture in person until it was delivered.

Mike Waller
3 months ago

I wouldn’t buy a roll of toilet paper at Camping World. If their “Design Center” is comparable to the rest of the services they provide, then stay away, very far away.

3 months ago

We designed the interior, and to some extent, the exterior of our tail, medium length, Ford Transit van. In the 4th year of ownership, we are still very happy with the workmanship and our design! This was the second one, the first being a Ford E350, which was partially designed by us. Our builder was way ahead of the times.

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