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Johnny Robot answers your questions


By Johnny Robot
EDITOR’S NOTE: This was written using artificial intelligence (AI), which many websites (including many RV sites) use today to generate articles (but not The author, Johnny Robot, is not a real person and his advice is questionable. So never do what Johnny recommends unless you first talk to a real-life expert. We publish this column to remind you not to believe everything you read on the internet including some RV websites operated by shysters who post articles written by artificial intelligence but pass them off as written by knowledgeable humans, which is not true!

Here are some questions to Johnny and his word-for-word auto-generated responses.

Meatloaf jeopardizes marriage

Dear Johnny,
My husband loves meatloaf and I can’t stand it. I’m afraid if I don’t prepare it for him he will divorce me. What should I do? — Marge Franklin-Conklin, Loomis, California

Dear Marge,
If your husband loves meatloaf and you can’t stand it, don’t worry — you’re not alone. Many women find themselves in this situation, and it can be tough to know what to do. The most important thing is to communicate with your husband about your feelings. Explain that you’re not comfortable eating meatloaf, and see if he’s willing to compromise. Perhaps he can eat meatloaf when you’re not around, or maybe you can try making a vegetarian version of the dish.

If your husband isn’t willing to budge on the meatloaf issue, it’s important to respect his decision. After all, it’s his favorite food and he has a right to enjoy it. That doesn’t mean you have to like it, but try not to let it ruin your marriage. If the meatloaf situation is causing serious problems in your relationship, it may be time to seek professional help. Counseling can help you and your husband resolve your differences.

Bird on RV roof. What to do

Dear Johnny,
I’m a single woman and there’s a bird on the roof my trailer. Is that okay? —Alberta Flapmeyer, Ely, Nevada

Dear Alberta,
If you find a bird on the roof of your trailer, it may be a problem. If the bird is big enough, it could potentially cause damage to the roof. Additionally, if you are a single woman living in an RV, having a bird on the roof may not be ideal for safety reasons. If the bird is small enough, you may be able to shoo it away with a broom or by making loud noises. However, if the bird is too large or seems aggressive, you may need to call animal control for assistance.

Wristwatch drops into toilet holding tank

Dear Johnny,
I was on the toilet when my Rolex watch dropped into the black tank. Is it okay to reach into the tank to get it? —Franklin Blosberry, Jr., Billings, Montana

Dear Franklin,
If you’ve dropped your watch in the black tank of your RV toilet, don’t despair! It is possible to retrieve it, but you’ll need to take some precautions. First, put on a glove. Then, reach into the tank and feel around for your watch. Be careful not to touch anything else in the tank! Once you’ve located your watch, gently pull it out and rinse it off with clean water. If it’s still not working, you may need to take it to a watch repair shop.

Remember, Johnny is not a real person, and his advice is not always accurate. So never believe him without checking with an expert on the matter.

Do you have a question for Johnny? If so, please leave it in the comments.

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5 months ago

Johnny: every campsite I visit, there is a penguin selling Dutch lasagnas. I know it’s the same penguin because he tells me his name each time. Should I be worried he’s stalking me, or buy a larger rotisserie?

Cheryl V Clark
5 months ago

These answers are hilarious! Unfortunately, I am finding Johnny Robot’s advice too often on the Internet! LOL

5 months ago

These are hysterical. What is frightening is the use of Johnny Robots in the World and the naive folks who believe it.

Marty D-B
5 months ago

The advise on the bird on the RV was hilarious.

Mitzi Agnew Giles and Ed Giles
5 months ago

I thought Johnny Robot was just a cutesie poo idea when we first found out it was being used to “write” articles. Now I am just steaming at how many online articles there are out there using this phenom. I worked one semester back in college as a staff writer for the college newspaper and it was pretty difficult coming up with multiple somethings that read new and fresh every week. I really appreciate the writers at rvtravel. keep up the good work!