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Editor’s trip update, May 29, 2020

By Chuck Woodbury
Gail and I are still in Kingman, Ariz. We have tried twice now to leave, to head back to Seattle, but each time something has come up that kept us here. Our “rent” ends Monday, so we should be on our way. We’ll take two to three weeks to get home.

The weather has been brutal, in the 90s now for a couple of weeks, often close to 100. It was 99 today. Lucky for us, the two air conditioners on our Winnebago motorhome keep us comfortable.

It’s hard for me to believe it’s only May. I have been in shorts and a tee-shirt for about two months now. It’s gorgeous outdoors in the evening, where Gail and I have spent much time.

The cactus in the photo is across the street from the RV park. I noticed the backlit needles when I walked by a few evenings ago. I used my iPhone for the photo. That’s the only “camera” I carry these days. For years I always carried some sort of pocket camera. But the iPhone’s camera is so good it’s all I need now. I took every photo on this seven months trip with it, videos, too.

Gas is $1.79 a gallon at the TA travel center across I-40 from us. It’s been the same price for almost two months.

There’s nothing much else to report, other than Gail and I are being careful when we go out in public. We’re still having our groceries delivered from the local Smith’s supermarket. We don’t always get the exact product we order. Sometimes they even call us to ask if another brand or similar product will do. It’s very convenient to shop this way.

Usually when we are on the road we dine out once or twice a week, and sometimes go to a movie. But that’s out for now, which makes life a little less interesting.

I’m not looking forward to the drive Monday across the Mojave Desert. It’s supposed to be around 100 degrees! Death Valley isn’t very far from us. I noticed it was 118 a few days ago. I was there once when it was 122. That was an experience I will never forget.

Signing off for now.


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Tony Sauer
2 years ago

We just retrieved our motorhome from Arizona last week after a longer than expected COVID delay picking it up. We don’t usually like to get up early but we set the alarm Friday for 3:00 am and by the time we hit the dump station and hooked the car up we were on the road by 4:30 am. We hit Kingman for that $1.79 gas you mentioned around 8:00 am, while it was relatively cool.

Our goal was to spend the night in Tehachapi, where cooler weather was promised. The problem we ran into was the RV Park was full, so we wrapped up a much longer day than expected east of Bakersfield, where we ran both air conditioners until the clouds rolled in. Our gas powered class gets real hot on those steamy days. We ended up running the generator and one AC for several hours that day, along with the dash air.

Thankfully the last leg of our trip home Saturday offered us cooler weather heading up hiway 99, through California’s Central Valley.

Be prepared to use your RV toilet, as we found gas station and Starbucks bathrooms closed during our trip. California’s roadside rests did have open bathrooms. Most of the traffic seems to be trucks right now but the number of cars is increasing. Anyway, safe travels.

2 years ago

Ah, yes, My Dad drove our family across the salt flats in the middle of the night to avoid the high temps, and even then I think we ran the heater. Not fun. Stay safe!

Dennis G.
2 years ago

Safe travels as well, back to the Pacific NW. We were using both roof A/C units when traveling in 102 degree heat as well. Leaving super early AM has been our M-O. Not a big fan of night driving in our RV.

Gene Bjerke
2 years ago

When I was younger (before AC in cars) and lived in LA, if we were going east we always left about 7:00pm in order to get across the worst of the desert at night. I can remember being in Needles at midnight and the temperature was 100 degrees. Just a suggestion.

Nonni S
2 years ago

Safe travels home!

2 years ago

Hey Chuck and Gail, have a good trip north. As I write this at 10:00 AM, it is 53 degrees out and raining about as hard as I have ever seen in the Seattle area, along with thunder and possibly hail later today. But it also shall pass. Hope to see you sometime when you get back.

2 years ago

You will be wearing light jacket and jeans when you get home. Spent 15 years in the N.W. and had forgotten that other places don’t rain on special holidays. 😉 When it is not raining there it is beautiful.

2 years ago

“Be Legendary” Chuck and Gail – head east to I-29 and north to ND – it will be about +65f today – but up in the 80’s next week – humidity about 40 – 55%. Comfortable days and wonderful nites with the windows open and fresh air – and you should see the sunsets! Then west on I-94 to Custer country and Medora and T. Roosevelt NP; then thru beautiful Montana, et al! Happy trails, drive with care and thanks for your efforts!

David Purvis
2 years ago

As a somewhat of a newcomer I would like to welcome you to the perverts and peeping Tom’s. Sorry about the experience, but appreciate what you do and have done. I am one who watches others often, and especially true when walking at evening hours. I find some of the people wave back as you tour a park, they are that upset. I am not a subscriber yet, but will look into it. Enjoy what you offer even though I am a newcomer. Hope your travels go well and if you need a stopping point in NorCal let me know. We are in Chico where it gets hot, but also have a second home at 4500 ft. elevation just half hour away. Cools off at night even on those sweltering days. Sits on the creek, really more like a river, but beautiful. Safe travels

2 years ago

Hey Chuck. Dodge the heat. Head east to flagstaff. North to Utah, Idaho and Montana then west to Seattle. It’s beautiful country all the way and you’ll dodge the hot weather.

2 years ago

Safe travels Chuck! Sometimes it’s a great idea to be on the road EARLY in the morning to get through the high heat areas. At least you get to finally go somewhere in your MH! Keep those tires in check!

2 years ago

Safe travels, Chuck. I’m familiar with the heat of the desert Southwest. Fortunately it’s a little cooler at 6,000 feet in SW Colorado, our homebase. Thanks for your excellent work for us as RVers and your patience with this diverse audience. I hope the “new normal,” whenever we get there, won’t be too different from the old normal.

Donald N Wright
2 years ago

Chuck, welcome to Summer in the South and Southwest, it’s why snowbirds all go home. Down on the Gulf Coast, it’s 100% humidity and 100 degrees. Lucky for you, Arid Zone and New Mexico are about the northern half of Texas. As for Death Valley, why not drive across it at mid night ?

2 years ago

Driving across the desert at 122 deg must be brutal on your tires, motor home, and quite possibly the occupants. I’ve never driven that route but might it be wise to drive at night and avoid all of that or are we of a certain age where we can’t push through that sort of effort. How long a drive is it across the desert? Hope your trip home is uneventful. Be safe…I’m still looking forward to the next year.

Jim Collins
2 years ago

I pray you will have a safe and uneventful trip.

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