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Clear debris and water from slideout with RV Slideout Broom

If you have slideouts you know the importance of cleaning the tops before retracting the slides. Otherwise, you get the outside inside. Not a good thing. Slideout toppers help to keep debris and water off the top of the slideout but are expensive and not always effective. And I’ll bet you aren’t especially fond of climbing the ladder to your roof and leaning over the side to clean the debris from the slide. TWS Innovations thinks it has a solution for you.

It’s a lightweight, telescoping aluminum-handled broom designed to easily and safely clean the top of your RV slideouts from the ground. The telescoping handle and swivels allow you to reach the highest slideout without the use of a ladder or climbing on top of the RV. Easily and safely remove leaves, sticks, water and debris, and keep them from entering your RV when you close your slideouts. This broom will help protect the rubber linings and the slideout mechanism from being damaged. The upper portion of the broom can be removed and used as a regular broom to clean your RV.

The broom’s threaded tip allows other attachments to be used such as a brush or squeegee. The RV Slideout Broom is an inexpensive alternative to slideout toppers. Why pay hundreds of dollars for the purchase and maintenance of slideout toppers? For people who aren’t able to climb on top of their RV or who don’t want to pack a ladder with them this broom is a great solution.

[Update, Feb. 2, 2018]. The product profiled here apparently is not available from its manufacturer or elsewhere we could locate. We found a similar product here

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RV Staff
5 years ago

Here is part of a response that one of our readers received from TWS Innovations this morning:

“We have had large order volume in the last couple weeks and we currently have our aluminum on back order so I shut the order page down. It may be 15-20 days before I can get new orders ready to ship. I didn’t want to accept customer’s money and then make them wait for delivery of the broom.”

We apologize for the inconvenience. I should have checked with TWS regarding the availability of the product before the article was posted — my mistake. 🙁 –Diane at

Carolyn (@guest_19942)
5 years ago

Cannot find where to buy this slide out broom. Very interested in getting one.

Chuck Woodbury
5 years ago
Reply to  Carolyn

Here’s a similar product. Not sure what happened to one we wrote about:

Steve (@guest_19931)
5 years ago

Hmmm, I tried the link provided to see price of the broom and perhaps look at other products, but when I clicked on the link I just got a line that said “No products available” perhaps they do not want to sell????

Chuck Woodbury
5 years ago
Reply to  Steve

Try this product. Similar.

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