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Dimmable windows coming soon to an RV near you



Vision System dimmable windows

Following the launch of its new Smart Lite division last September devoted to the development of dimmable solutions, Vision Systems exhibited its electronically dimmable windows in the Lippert booth at Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf in late August.

Vision Systems’ dimmable solutions, which is integrated into the glazing, allow passengers to adjust the tint of their window from clear to dark in order to regulate daylight, glare, and heat entering while preserving the view.

These ergonomic solutions can be controlled directly through a centralized control panel, or automatically with integrated light sensors. They also turn dark when they are powered off, keeping the interior cooler when the vehicle is parked for low air-conditioning consumption and privacy.

The electronics are integrated, which facilitates installation (original equipment or retrofitting) and reduces maintenance. They are suitable for large flat or curved surfaces, glass or thermoplastic, with different zones to be dimmed independently. They can be used for a passenger window or a roof window, or integrated into the upper part of a windscreen for a sun visor purpose.


  • Variable shading from clear to dark to control daylight, glare, and heat while preserving the view
  • Instant silent response time for a peaceful atmosphere
  • Default to their darkest possible state in parking conditions, heat rejection and UV blockage for a cooler interior and reduction of air conditioning consumption
  • Automatic, centralized or individual control (through a touch panel or personal device)
  • Different tints available (clear, dark, ultra dark…)
  • Integrated electronics for low maintenance

Watch the video to see how dimmable windows work.

For more information visit the Vision Systems website.

Information obtained from press release and website.

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