Friday, October 22, 2021


The most beautiful, tiny, van-camper RV you have ever seen!

By Chuck Woodbury

I have never before seen an RV so tiny that packs in every single thing that a typical motorhome can only include with three times the space. Clare Colins, 64, designed her van camper from scratch and the result is a magnificent work of art.

From the outside, it looks like a normal white cargo van. Parked on a city street you wouldn’t look at it twice, and never imagine the stunning mini-home inside. Once the door is opened … well, it’s magical with a spectacular kitchen, bedroom, bathroom with shower, and even office space. Every square inch is used for one thing or another and yet it does not appear uncomfortably cramped.

In all my browsing around the Internet, and all the RV shows and rallies I have attended, I have never seen an RV so creatively designed to use every square inch efficiently. If I were single and wanted to explore the country, staying wherever I wished without being identified as a “camper,” I would go absolutely crazy seeing this and not being able to have one just like it for my very own.

See if you agree. Magnificent!


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11 months ago

Wow – fantastic job of making great use of little space.

11 months ago

Magnificent!! Now I wish that I could build one just like it. My bucket list…

DL Johnson
11 months ago

Awesome and amazing, Ms. Clare! Your build was both artistic and practical. I appreciated your allowing a grand tour!

Bob P
11 months ago

I would like to know what that weighs, all that wood is heavy unless you’re using balsa and that’s not a construction material. Plus all the appliances and cooking supplies, it doesn’t appear to be a dually van.

Warren G
11 months ago

Simply amazing! What a talented woman!

Scott R. Ellis
11 months ago

I have always thought the van conversion/Class B category was intriguing and I’ve wandered through a lot of them at shows. This is the FIRST one I’ve seen that didn’t have a floor plan that struck me as just overtly dumb in some way or another. Of course, the commercial planners have a mandate to do it all (big beds, full-sized fridge, enclosed bathroom, etc), but this is just brilliant for its purpose.

I have the skills, and were I single and footloose, I’d build something very much like this.

11 months ago
Reply to  Scott R. Ellis

You’re right. I had hoped to go the Class B route, but it seemed they all were designed with no storage for equipment at all, just silly floorplans in general. One was equipped with THREE televisions. Conclusion? Too many of the Bs are designed for weekend ‘tailgating’ and will never see the outdoors beyond a stadium parking lot.

Nanci Dixon (@nanci-dixon)
11 months ago

What a wonderful build! Makes me want to get out graph paper and buy a van.

Diane Fox
11 months ago

Wow! What an impressive woman! The van conversion is nothing short of genius!

Debbie Ann Hansen
11 months ago
Reply to  Diane Fox

Loved the van Claire did a wonderful job! Admire her for jumping full into adventures on her own. I also travel solo way to go Claire!