Tuesday, September 27, 2022


DryFins shorts prevent beach sand chafe

By Bob Difley

dryfin_shortsThe pair of DryFins shorts arrived in my mailbox just in time for my visit the next day to my son’s family and a picnic on the beach with my granddaughter. The DryFins people wanted me to try out their chafe-free shorts with the claim that I could wear them all day, in and out of the water, through successive wet and drying periods, running in and out of the waves, and I would not end the day in a beach sand irritation waddle by the time we left in late afternoon. They said the secret was in the fast-drying lining material as well as the rugged but soft nylon material used in the shorts. UH-huh. We shall see.

DryFins-shorts-RVT-746Ideal for men and boy RVers on-the-go, when touring you can safely – and comfortably – wear your DryFins all day regardless of whether you roll in the sand or body surf – or both. You can say goodbye to chafing in that most uncomfortable place.

A day later. With a little sunburn to show for my day at the beach, I can attest to the fact that I did not walk the irritation-waddle when we left the beach. In fact, I didn’t even feel the need to change when we got back to my son’s house, and stayed in the now-dry shorts the rest of the evening. The secret is in the shorts liner that has short legs that hug the upper thigh, preventing sand from entering, the source of irritation. They were comfortable, too.

You can learn more on the DryFins website.

You can find Bob Difley’s RVing ebooks on Amazon Kindle.

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