Sunday, June 13, 2021
Sunday, June 13, 2021

Disaster at the dump station. Warning: This is disgusting

Be warned: This is disgusting! This man attempts to dump his rental motorhome’s black water tank (sewer tank) in this one-minute video. One big mistake was pulling the valve out quickly, instantly sending the contents flooding, and overwhelming the hose.

This scene is repeated every day across America, and now, with so many new, inexperienced RV newbies flocking to campgrounds and RV parks, it will happen even more often. In this case, the scene, bad as it is, at least happened at the dump station and not at a campsite – where the contents would have spread into and around the site.

This is a reminder to not let your kids or grandkids play anywhere near the sewer disposal where you camp. Who knows what spilled there before?

If you are brand-new RVer reading this, study up on the proper way to dump your holding tanks so this doesn’t happen to you. And remember, dump the black tank first, then flush out the hose with the gray water from the sinks and shower.

And, be careful!

Thanks to readers James & Corinne G. for alerting us to this.

RV Travel Poll: We asked our readers: “Has a sewer valve or hose ever broken or malfunctioned while you were dumping? You might be surprised at the responses of the more than 1,900 readers who participated.

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Brian Holmes
10 months ago

and they walk among us

11 months ago

Sure , he was inexperienced at dumping and probably failed to secure the hose properly in the first place. But most telling is that he made no attempt whatsoever to close the valve . . .

Scott R. Ellis
11 months ago

I want to know what they did next. I hope “drove off” is not the answer.

11 months ago

It is obvious that we quit teaching physics in school some time back. One doesn’t even have to know fluid dynamics to figure out how to hook up a hose. This was not “rookie”, it appears to me to be “stupid”. I guess it is because of my years in maintenance, but I do not understand what the big deal is about RV dumping of waste. After all, the food industry is nothing more than the front end of the garbage/waste industry. It is just life from beginning to end.

11 months ago

Why didn’t he quickly close the valve?

I don’t know many RVers that have not had this happen at least once. We have had the hose pop out of the ground (thus always putting a concrete black on it) and come off which is why I always pull it slowly to make sure it won’t be coming off.

Donald N Wright
11 months ago

I have an Aliner with a porta potty, but I have helped newbies on how to dump their waster, and how to fill their fresh water tank.

Terri R
11 months ago

Love the kid stating he was going to post to America’s funniest home videos! On the serious side in the new normal people need to be aware that virus presence in bodily waste is real so be careful at the dump stations & all of you renters out there be especially careful as you do not know who had the unit before you ….

11 months ago

Anyone can make a rookie mistake

Rich T
11 months ago
Reply to  Rhonda

I’m a great believer in probability. With each individual, there is a different probability of making what you call a “rookie mistake”. One determining factor would be how bad the consequences might be of getting it wrong. Obviously for them, it’s “no big deal”. I believe that is the problem here, not that he’s human, but rather that he’s abjectly careless.

Rich T
11 months ago

Ah, to be forever thirteen, no need for learning, just doing. No need to ask questions or prepare, because you have all the answers already. Must be a carefree existence! What a great example for the kids! I can only imagine that for them it’s funny, only because they can drive away and leave it behind for everyone else who comes along to dump their tanks. And who cares about all those *other* people? Simple is as simple does. The world is simple when there’s no need to think about anyone but yourself, what YOU want, and what YOU need. Screw everyone else – they just don’t factor into YOUR calculations.

11 months ago

No video for me either. Also Firefox Private browsing…. (Hmmm ?) First time I’ve had this problem!

Captn John
11 months ago

Sadly, they are among us and permitted to vote and reproduce!

Hank Hoyt
11 months ago

Had the hose all bunched up instead of a straight run to the hole. You can watch it bunch up and apply back pressure to the system (such as it is), forcing the hose off the end fitting. 

Tommy Molnar
11 months ago

Seeing the “Cruise America” logo on the rig is all you need to see to give these folks wide berth . . .

Just sayin’.

Gary Smith
11 months ago

I always give a wide berth to guys that can’t figure out how to wear a ball cap. You just never know what else they’re incapable of doing correctly.

11 months ago

That looks more like he didn’t connect the hose properly (engaging the bayonet connectors) vice hose failure

11 months ago

I have had a couple of “surprises” when dumping but I also shut off the valve within seconds. Can’t believe he just let it run out until empty.

11 months ago

Not loading for me either. Firefox private browsing.

11 months ago

The video was unavailable- DARN IT!

11 months ago

First And always gloves (rental unit, no telling where that hose was before) Gray for a few seconds to check for leaks, black until empty and then gray until empty. I keep a spray bottle of Clorox/water mix and paper towels to clean the hose and any waste that may drip into my compartment after disconnecting the hose.

Rich T
11 months ago
Reply to  Joe

Yes, but the difference is that you actually care.

11 months ago

Not Funny, Just Stupid!
Another Forrest Gump Moment, “Stupid is as Stupid Does!
Wearing your Hat backwards indicates the intelligence factor!

Last edited 11 months ago by NOTFUNNY

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