Dutch company Epsilon solves RV battery limitations



New Epsilon lithium RV battery

By Bob Difley

A new lithium battery, developed by Dutch battery expert Super B, offers campers and boaters huge power and energy reserves, so people no longer have to worry about energy provision, charging points or limited power. The Epsilon weighs substantially less and will last five times longer than conventional batteries, is fully charged within one hour and has more energy than ever before.

Thus the battery allows people to enjoy the freedom of their camper or boat in a hassle-free and relaxed manner, while they can use multiple appliances simultaneously.

Battery limitations are one of the most annoying problems for people who are heading out with their camper or boat. There is nothing worse than undertaking a trip and continuously worrying about the energy provision. It’s not only annoying, it also limits their freedom.

This is something Super B understands only too well. While Tesla is developing new super batteries for electric cars or solar-powered homes, Super B comes with a new and advanced energy storage solution for boats and campers. For carefree traveling, the company has developed the Epsilon SB12V1200Wh-M, a user-friendly and custom-made lithium battery. Thanks to its light and ultra-compact format, it fits into the space of a traditional lead battery, but weighs about 20 kilograms less. Even under extreme temperatures it will continue to work without any problems.

Its high capacity can power coffee machines, air-conditioning and other devices that could not be powered from traditional batteries, all at the same time. So people in their camper or boat can watch TV and prepare a pot of coffee while the air-conditioning provides some cooling. Worrying about how long the battery will last is no longer necessary.

Besides more energy, far less weight and an ultra-compact format, the Epsilon has a lot of practical advantages. Monitoring the exact state of charge by using an app on their smartphone or tablet, people can get insight into the remaining energy level at all times. A low self-discharge of 10 percent per year allows them to use their camper or boat even after several months of storage. Also the battery is maintenance free.

It only weighs 12.5 kilograms and the life of the Epsilon equals 5000 cycles, which is five times more than traditional batteries can offer. Furthermore, greater than 96% efficiency means more efficient (solar) charging and using almost all available energy.

Watch the Epsilon video.

About Super B:

Super B is headquartered in Hengelo, The Netherlands, and is located throughout Europe, with sales offices in most countries. The company develops and produces advanced lithium batteries for marine, automotive, motorcycle, UPS, recreation and industrial applications. Super B controls the entire production chain, from design to the actual production of its products. The company has done so for more than ten years. Thanks to its high quality, Super B is a player in various markets.

For more information visit the Super B website.

Information obtained from press release.

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Al & Sharon

Oh, I neglected to add in my previous comment that in Jan 2016 I installed 400AH of lithium battery & 650Watts of solar panels in/on my motorhome. While I am not an expert, I do have experience with lithium batteries and dry camping.

Al & Sharon

Wow! The sales hype in this article is amazing. Don’t overlook the implication that you can power your air conditioner with this battery, and then goes on to say the battery weighs only 12.5 kiograms. That is less than 30 pounds.
An article like this makes me wonder if you are getting paid to promote this battery.
While the battery may be a fine Lithium battery, the description is nothing but hype!

Sherry Dawson

I don’t at all mind advertisements on this site. I want RVTravel to stay in business, and I’m glad to learn about products I might want or need. However, this is the second instance I’ve noticed of an advertisement disguised as an “article.” If you’re going to tout a product, I’m all for it. It that’s all you’re doing, show it as an ad. It you want to make it an “article,” then it behooves you to tell us why it’s better than another product just like it and why it worth the price. I read all the specs on their site and I can’t see how it is different from other similar lithium batteries. Searching for a cost, I finally found the Super B – 12v Lithium Battery (LiFePO4) – SB12V160E-ZC at $ 3,279.00.

William Jeracki

Why are you featuring a press release on a European product that makes it sound like they are the first to offer a drop-in lithium 12volt replacement battery? High quality lithium 12volt batteries that can be used to replace our typical Group 27 lead based battery have been available for several years. Most of these are designed and manufactured in the USA. The key to making these a safe drop in is the Battery Management system. The good ones will allow charging with most Converter Charges designed for lead batteries, but you don’t get a full charge. Lithium Batteries are best maintained with a constant current- constant voltage charger at 14.6 volts. These are really simple charges compared to the “smart” chargers used on lead batteries these days.

Bill Semion

Looks like my question(s) have been answered in part.

Bill Semion

Looked at their website and so far, see no dealers for camper-style batteries, so have no idea about the price of these. Question: If I have two six-volt lead batteries, how difficult is it to convert to one 12-volt? Probably not much, possibly just removing the bridge cable, but just curious. Thanks



You’ll need a different converter/charger if you are replacing lead acid batteries with lithiums….depending on your needs this could add several hundred dollars to this change…just fyi

Bob Difley
tom Hudson

sounds great. Do you have any info on the cost