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Editor’s notes: Feb. 9, 2019

By Chuck Woodbury

There’s a lot going on with us to tell you about. There wasn’t enough room in my essay in today’s newsletter. rally?
First, we may – that’s “may” – stage a rally in the Seattle area August 1-4. It will be about 35 miles out of town in a beautiful rural area. There will be space for about 140 RVs with 30- and 50-amp electricity, and another few dozen dry camping spots. The rally will be heavy on seminars, many presented by our staff, with some fun activities as well. So pencil in the date if you might want to attend. I will know for sure within two or three weeks if the event is a sure thing.

My backyard.

Snow, snow. . .
It seldom snows in the Seattle area, but it’s dumping on us right now (I’m writing now on Friday afternoon). Gail and I expect to be snowed in through the weekend. We stocked up on supplies, so we’re good. If we lose power, we have our motorhome, which is reassuring. The temperature is predicted to drop to 12 degrees over the weekend, which is lower than I can ever remember. Luckily, our core staff lives in the area, and we all work from home, so business continues as usual. We normally hold a staff meeting every Tuesday at a local cafe/bookstore, which we had to cancel last Tuesday and may need to cancel again this coming week.

Electricity videos
Mike Sokol is beginning a series of short videos in which he will answer questions from RV Travel readers about RV electricity. We’re looking for sponsors. If you have a business and are interested, let me know.

Keeping safe on the road
As you may have noticed, we have added some new writers lately. Mike Sherman’s inaugural “Personal RVer Safety” column last week was a big hit. Mike is a former street cop and crime investigator and will provide us with a lot of insider information that should keep us just a bit safer out there on the road. We’re debuting a new column from Machelle James this week about what it’s like to build an RV park from scratch (which she and her husband are doing).

More writers wanted
We are looking for more writers and researchers. If you have a specialty related to RVing, please propose an idea. If you love to do research – poking around the Internet – we need you, too, to help us find little tidbits of information or story leads. If interested, contact our managing editor Diane McGovern at Diane(at) We pay our writers. Oh, don’t expect to get rich, as in most cases what we pay is modest. But we do the best we can with what we have.

Another 2,633 new readers this issue
We are continuing our advertising and PR campaign to grow our audience. I’d like to welcome the 2,633 readers who signed up the past week (added to the 2,300 the week before). As you can see in the chart from the traffic ranking service, we are doing well. This growth is absolutely necessary for us to increase our influence with the RV industry to force it to build better RVs, to service them faster, and to promote more places for us to camp (it’s getting crowded).

Post banners like this and get paid for signups

Earn money signing up readers
If you have a website and would like to earn money by spreading the word about, we will pay you per signup through our new affiliate program. This also holds true for clubs, RV parks, or individuals who would like to act as our ambassadors. It’s a great opportunity for extroverted work campers, or any campers, actually, who would like to talk up RV Travel to those they meet. No selling is involved. Contact me (chuck@rvtravel) and I will explain how this works. I will write about this in more detail this coming week in a special message to our member-readers, explaining why this is a smart investment of their voluntary subscription contributions.

New contact form
Some readers have complained they couldn’t find anywhere on our website where they could easily contact me or someone else on our staff. We started poking around and we realized they were right. So we’ve made it simple. Just click on the blue bar near the top right of every page of this website where you see CONTACT.

That’s all I can think of for now. Stay warm, wherever you are!



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SteveBarnes, Kamloops, BC
3 years ago

Great news and close to Canada. Excited to meet the staff and hear Mike Sokol’s presentations. Just hope it doesn’t cut into our IRS imposed maximum annual 181 day stay in USA. Canadian Snowbird Association, please join, is lobbying Congress to extend that to 7 months.

gerald buscemi
3 years ago

your article about how much to tell a policemen when stopped. It was severely slanted towards the authors side (he being an ex cop, no slight intended). I think a reply by a lawyer would give a better understanding to us, especially answering the part about a search warrant and the rv actually being our “homes” and our rights etc.

3 years ago
Reply to  gerald buscemi

Traveling thru various states in the US, (mostly in the Midwest and Southern States, it helps to know that if you are stopped by Law Enforcement (I’m not a police officer), that most States that allow any kind of concealed carry, you must tell the OFFICER that you have a weapon on board. And it only makes sense to do that!

For instance, in Illinois (very restrictive and highly ANTI-GUN) you cannot drive thru the state without your weapon being secured in the trunk of your car / truck or in a safe in your motorhome. You cannot have easy access to the weapon . If you fail to do this in Illinois, you will be spending some time in the GREY BAR motel and have your weapon(s) confiscated.

If you intend to travel with a Gun, it is in your best interest to obtain a copy of the Travelers Guide to Guns in All 50 States. A must have!

3 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

I prefer the “Legal Heat” app for my phone rather than carrying a printed booklet. The app costs $2 a year and is frequently updated as laws change.

Gary B
3 years ago
Reply to  Irv

Do either the paper or app include Canada?

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