Wednesday, February 8, 2023


Facebook contest scam offers winner a free luxury motorhome

A number of Facebook posts have been making the rounds recently in which people are encouraged to share the post and one lucky participant will be win a brand-new motorhome, among them a 2020 Tiffin Phaeton, 2020 Newmar King Aire, and a 2020 Jayco Seneca.

Officials at each manufacturer have confirmed to that their companies are not associated with any of these Facebook posts.

It has been widely reported, including by, that these postings are a scam. All too often, the people behind these posts are simply collecting people’s personal information as they like, comment and/or share the posts. After a certain point, the information is “sold” to businesses looking to market their products, which is why people will suddenly see ads in their Facebook feed for “certain items” they otherwise would have no interest in.

The widely-shared post from the page 2020 Tiffin Motorhomes Phaeton promises that someone who “shares and also comments” on the post will be the “new owner of this 2020 Tiffin Motorhomes Phaeton 40IH Class A Diesel 450 HP, paid off and ready to drive away, keys in hand!” The post is signed “-Tiffin.”




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Rhalene DeGraff
2 years ago

I saw the Giveaway on Facebook for the Class A and knew it was a scam especially after they posted a week or so after that the person that won was from Canada and the rules specifically stated in the US so unfortunately no one won

2 years ago

I was seeing this on Facebook and kept telling those that liked it that it was a scam especially after they had the Class A giveaway first. Then right after the date they were to give away they posted again saying that the winner was from Canada and that the rules said only in the US so basically no one won. Then the Class C showed up, knew it had to be the same people

2 years ago

Oh, this was a scam ten years ago. There ain’t no free lunch.

2 years ago

I have a Facebook account but the only time I view it is when I get a phone call asking if I saw the babies latest pictures.

2 years ago

Been on Facebook for about two years. Last week I deleted my account due to all of the crap from the riots, looting and total destruction of this country never to return to any social media platform again.

Steven N
2 years ago

This is hardly a new scam! They, whoever they are, have been posting that junk for several years now and it is disheartening to see how many fall for it. I always report it as the scam that it is. If you don’t know how; on the mobile app there is three dots on the top right hand corner. That will open a window so that you can hit the “Find support or report post” link. You will be asked some questions so that you can say why you feel that the post needs reported then once you submit you are done. I will sometimes put a post on the comments stating that I reported this as a scam so that people know.

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