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Fake! Fake! Congressman and sex offender buddy up


To the hotheads in the audience
Before you send off a nasty email to me about this, please try your best to understand that this article is not about a Democrat or Republican or a socialist or a communist or a whatever-ist. It’s about fakery on the Internet.

Today, for example, artificial intelligence techniques are putting the heads of famous actors and actresses on the bodies of porn stars: As far as anyone can tell when watching the movie, the “porn star” is, in fact, the innocent victim who would never appear in such a film.

A recent viral YouTube video showed Nancy Pelosi appearing to be drunk while giving a speech. The effect was the result of a deep fake, a term you will soon be hearing more about. In reality, she spoke normally.

A new movie coming out soon will co-star James Dean, even though he is long dead — again, the product of artificial intelligence technology. The doctored photo below is just one example of how a photo of one man and his father can be turned into something sinister that will be forwarded on Facebook, a million times a day. Expect to see more of this as we get closer to the 2020 elections.

So, hotheads in the audience, please hold your hate mail calling me a commie or socialist or liberal or whatever. This is not about a political party, it’s about fake media — fake media of the worst kind.

My original article is below. —CW

By Chuck Woodbury
This photo of Congressman Adam Schiff (D) has been circulating on the Web. It shows him with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein looking very chummy. A sex toy is shown on the table.

You can imagine how fast something like this would be forwarded by Schiff-haters across all social media platforms.

The problem is, the photo is fake. Here’s the real photo, minus the sex toy. It’s Schiff with his 90-year-old father taken Thanksgiving 2017. Epstein’s head and the sex toy were added to create the false and intentionally damaging photo.

No matter what your political beliefs, or what you think of Congressman Schiff, this kind of thing is wrong and dangerous to our democracy. Expect to see a lot of it in the upcoming political season, originating from unethical people of both parties.

Be careful what you forward on your social media pages or you will simply be part of the “fake media.”

Oh, while we’re talking about fakes. Which of these two women is a real live human being and which is totally fake, the product of artificial intelligence?

Scroll down a bit for the answer.







The woman on the right is real. The one of the left is fake. She never existed.

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Wm Fiske
2 years ago

Yes, Chuck did say that this was not being posted for political reasons. However, Chuck also happened to point out two specific examples: Schiff and Pelosi (two well-known democrats). Chuck, don’t you think you could have made this more balanced? Could you have cited two other politicians from the opposite party to appear more balanced? Or are only democrats targets of morphed images?

I like to read stories about events and subjects surrounding the RV lifestyle. It is nice diversion from the BS of politics, but not today. Today I get to read an unbalanced article about how Democrats are victims of morphed images and video.

Diane, instead of restating what Chuck wrote, why don’t you try to understand why Wayne may be frustrated and feel that Chuck is stating his political view. I also feel that Chuck did the same thing.

Chuck, what would have happened if you wrote the article only about two Republicans who had morphed images and video? They too have been victims of the same act. Would some readers have been offended?

L J Schink
2 years ago

I agree. Don’t believe everything you read or see on the internet. Period!

2 years ago

Wayne, I guess we read different articles. I saw nothing at all political.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
2 years ago
Reply to  KellyR

Thank you, KellyR. 😀 —Diane at

Michael Dees
2 years ago

For sure, the fake videos and pictures are a real threat to all of us. I am pretty far right myself and completely agree with you regarding this issue.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
2 years ago

Wilfred, please read my response to Wayne’s comment. C’mon, guys. —Diane at

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
2 years ago

Wayne, I can’t understand your comment after Chuck’s clearly stated denial of any political reason for posting this warning about fake media. In case you missed it:
“Before you send off a nasty email to me about this, please try your best to understand that this article is not about a Democrat or Republican or a socialist or a communist or a whatever-ist. It’s about fakery on the Internet.” … “So, hotheads in the audience, please hold your hate mail calling me a commie or socialist or liberal or whatever. This is not about a political party, it’s about fake media — fake media of the worst kind.”
How could Chuck have stated this more clearly? Sheesh! —Diane at

Gene Bjerke
2 years ago

It doesn’t take artificial intelligence to create those pictures, just basic Photoshop (or similar editing program) skills. Just about anyone can do it.

Roy Christensen
2 years ago

Before anyone clicks on the link to this column, it is stated that these topics are not necessarily RV related. I think Chuck has performed a service by showing that social media has become a place where photos and the truth can easily be manipulated. As a journalist he has written about his observations. I, too believe that many people choose only one source of info to base their opinions on. I read many sources and speak to people about what is going on in our country today. If someone tells me something I’m not aware of or disagree with, I try to check it out and I try very hard to keep an open mind.
I once got an email from a trusted friend with a photo of a large bear that was shot and a story about how it occurred. I thought members of my family would be interested so I passed it on. Something made me check this out as it sounded incredible. I later discovered that the photo and story were made up (not by my friend) and were circulated as a prank. This taught me to never forward stuff without first checking it out. I sent out an apology to all who I had passed this photo and story to. None of this was political, but it could have been. As a rule I do not send political emails to friends whose views are different than mine. I respect their right to disagree with me. If I feel the need, I would speak directly to the person so we could have a dialogue.

charles Yaker
2 years ago

Both parties? Not so much but the media you included would have us believe that

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
2 years ago
Reply to  charles Yaker

True. It should be “all” parties, and even anyone not affiliated with any party. Thanks, Charles. —Diane at

2 years ago

The words artificial intelligence need some tweaking if you ask me. There isn’t much intelligence in the outcomes sometimes, and this is a really good example. It is getting harder and harder al lthe time to believe what you see and read. Climate change. Global warming, Global cooling etc etc are other good examples.
Another is a Volkswagen ad, circulating. It shows a frustrated driver trying to back a horse trailer into a spot by the corral. He’s hitting everything but the hole he’s trying to put the trailer in, and the horses are rolling around & laughing hysterically. It is so well done you can’t believe it. Then a smart guy comes along with a VW Atlas or some other VW, with trailer in tow. the car has artificial intelligence, that somehow assists the driver put the trailer exactly where he wants it. Takes the brains right out of the person and hands them to the computer in the SUV. Brilliance or dumb your call, but another example of what’s coming to a store, your TV screen, and the highways of the future.

Bill Semion
2 years ago
Reply to  Alvin

Just wait. As another journalist, fiddling with video is getting to the point where someone (Putin, namely) can literally change what someone, anyone says, almost seamlessly now. In the future, no one will know the truth, and isn’t that their (Putin and friends) goal? To get us so flummoxed that the truth will no longer exist even less than it does right now. Unless we all become truth gatekeepers, expose as much of this falsehood as we can. Either Vlad wins, and this democracy goes the way of all others in history, and fail after about 250 years, or we stand together, expose it, and win. Up to all of us.

William Johnson
2 years ago
Reply to  Alvin

Glad you pointed out that about Mrs. P! She doesn’t even drink alcohol!

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