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Feeling dumped on at the RV dump


Dear RV Shrink:rvshrink
I have a question about RV dump etiquette. My wife just yelled at me for asking a guy at the dump station to hurry it along. I’m not bold or rude. This guy just pushed my wrong buttons. First he dumped, then he did a complete scrub as if he were going to deliver a baby next. Then he filled his very large water tank, which took about 15 minutes. I was a little annoyed, but still had my anger in check at this point.

It wasn’t until he started washing his motorhome windshield and the rest of the front end with a little dish scrubber that I started to lose it. He could have done that at his site. He was treating the dump station as his own personal truck wash, while the rest of us patiently looked on.

I know everyone else in line felt the same way I did. I felt it was my duty to say something, since I was the next up to bat. Do you think I was within my rights? My wife thinks I should just have done the slow burn and waited my turn. —Sewer Skewer in Laredo

Dear Skewered:
I would usually say to turn the other cheek and wait a person like that out. However, when someone shows no courtesy for those waiting in line, a little educational priming might go a long way in breaking rude habits.

Even in this rare occasion there is no need for you to come across harshly. I would politely ask this person if they were aware of the line and suggest they wash their rig somewhere else. If that effort is met with resistance, I would find a park manager to handle the situation. You do not have to be the dump station referee.

You will probably never have this happen again. If anything, most campers hurry along because they know they are holding you up. You never want to end up in a fight with a guy packing a sewer hose. Patiently waiting in line stinks, but sometimes in life you have to deal with a little dung even though it can be a total waste of time. —Keep Smilin’, Richard Mallery a.k.a. Dr. R.V. Shrink

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4 years ago

I would have offered to help him.

4 years ago

Neil and others. Read that post again. Brian is saying that retirees understand the new breed of RVer who don’t know (and may not care) about proper dump station etiquette. Nothing was said either about the person taking his time that he was a ‘snowflake’.

4 years ago

with all the new campers being sold there is a different type of camper out here now. Grown Post WW2 babies know exactly what I mean.

4 years ago

The one problem with dump stations vs having sewer hookup at campsite is having the time to empty black and gray water tanks correcting. It’s a bit time consuming to do it right at a dump station with others waiting. Best, IMHO, to just empty, clean up as needed and do the job well when there is no one waiting at next campsite. In any event, it’s not a job to be hurried just because some impatient person is waiting. But, don’t do stuff that can wait for next day either.

4 years ago

Oh, so retires are the problem? How dumb of you!

4 years ago

Maybe you needed to just unzip and pee on his RV? 🙂

4 years ago

I made my RVT debut writing about what the heck takes people so long at dumpsites… Like JS above, I know I take about 3 minutes from turning off to turning on the ignition, with 50 gallons in between.

With practice and forethought you get faster, but even as a newbie I can’t have broken 5 minutes. Rather than millennials, I think all the insane slow-pokes are retirees who have all day to tinker and think it’s reasonable to wash their rig and take a CDC-5 detox shower at the dumpsite. I’m not spoiled or hyper-type-A, but I’m there to dump, and expect others to have basic courtesy to keep the line moving.

4 years ago

The guy was rude, obnoxious and obviously self-centered. It is not only “Snowflakes” who are narcissistic. This is unusual for someone to be so inconsiderate at a dump station but as there was a line forming and the behavior of the individual was totally inappropriate “dump station etiquette”, perhaps even asking if he was new to RV’ing would at least give him a clue! On the other hand, as the Shrink says, you aren’t the dump station police and there are a lot of crazies out there these days, be careful. But, your wife should be supportive not critical.

john stahl
4 years ago

It takes me about 2/3 minutes for me to dump my tanks. I do not know why people are rude and piddle when someone is waiting behind them. Fortunately that does not happen often.

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