Letters: RVs built for ‘living’ not ‘RVing’


Hey Chuck,
letters to the editorMy name is Matthew Hofmann. First off, I want to thank you for your insight and apt critique of the current state of the RV industry. Housing in our home state of California is deeply impacted and there are millions of mainstream, working people who are forced to compromise on the quality of their living experiences.

A significant portion of consumers are using RVs for a purpose that the units they call “home” were fundamentally not designed for — Living. The RV industry is not set up for this kind of demand. For a variety of reasons, companies have been slow to adapt.

At LivingVehicle.com we are actively working to create a new industry that offers mobile living solutions for all income levels – designed from the ground up for full-time Living.  I am the designer and creator of a company called Living Vehicle™ from Santa Barbara, Calif., and I was pleased to hear your use of our company’s name after describing our exact mission. With nearly a decade of experience living full-time in trailers, motorhomes, boats and vans, my wife (an LV co-founder) and I felt the need to design a product and customer support model that would support folks who live in their mobile spaces – without constant compromise. 

The greatest challenge at this point, is influencing widespread zoning regulations to permit this kind of housing. The reality of this is actually quite easy from a barrier to entry standpoint – zoning and regulation issues aside. I celebrate your choice to write a book on this topic and I would be very interested in contributing, or at least continuing this conversation. 

Matthew Hofmann

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Patricia Seaton

I am impressed after looking over your website. Your LV feels like an elegant, modern home.
I appreciate how much design work has gone into sustainability and off grid capacity.


Living Vehicle – great! I have a list of over 100 poor design and material choices I’ve personally seen in RV’s. So I go to your web site – and there is NOTHING there except a picture and a really high price tag. I imagine (have to imagine as the web page provides no information) your vehicles are better, but at that price it really isn’t relevant to the average RV’er.

Phil McCraken

I can see a huge push back coming. This sounds good for certain applications, but it can quickly be misused .