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Find your stuff with TrackR bravo



Find your stuff with TrackR bravo

By Bob Difley

With so much to remember these days, the deluge of information flooding our email inboxes, news updates, and virtual megaphones from all directions, remembering where I put my stuff is becoming harder and more complicated.

Luckily a couple of guys (who haven’t even come close yet to experiencing senior moments’ memory lapses) have invented what they call TrackR bravo to tackle that minor (major?) irritant of lost keys, phone, wallet, or wife.

The TrackR bravo is a skinny 1 1/4-inch diameter disc that attaches to any item you want to keep track of, and once paired with the TrackR app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, will lead you to it with both a “Getting closer” or “Getting farther” clue and changing bars to show how close or how far you are from finding the missing item.

But that’s not all, when you get within Bluetooth range, an alert sounds for an even more accurate location. When out of Bluetooth range, the bravo’s Crowd Locate will connect with other local bravos through GPS to place your lost item on a larger scale map (for instance whether you left your wallet in the RV or at the restaurant) which then aims you in the right direction. Over 4.5 million bravos sold through more than 4,000 retail outlets provide the triangulation points.

A couple of really clever features include the reverse find, e.g., if you lost your phone but have your bravo (attached to your car key possibly) you can push a tiny button on the bravo and it will ring your phone, and if you use an Amazon Alexa-enabled device, you can ask Alexa to have TrackR ring your phone.

Be aware that the audible signal from the bravo, which operates at 85 dB, is the loudest setting possible, and is not adjustable due to its design to be both small in size and with maximum durability. So don’t expect to hear it from much farther away than 5 to 10 feet (depending on your hearing level). However, the location features will get you close enough to find your missing item.

Learn more at the TrackR bravo website or buy it on Amazon.

You can find Bob Difley’s RVing e-books on Amazon Kindle. Follow on BoondockBobblog.

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