This RV has its very own fire truck


This RV comes with its own fire truck. Or, I guess to be more accurate we’d have to say the fire truck comes with its own RV.

Reader Gary Jones spotted this recently in Quartzsite, Arizona, where, with a little driving around, you can spot every type of RV conceivable (plus some that you could never have imagined).

If you have seen this unusual RV (motorhome?) please let us know. We’d really love to see some inside photos.


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Greg Garrison
Scott Rossell

Spotted in Yuma, AZ.
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Wow!! An SUV in the back AND towing a boat. Maybe they sleep in the boat. (been there, done that)


I’m a retired Volunteer Firefighter. Should’ve thought of this before I bought a fiver. Some people’s blood, including mine, runs fire-engine red! Ha-ha

Tommy Molnar

Looks to me like there is very little room for “RV’ing” in this thing. They’ve got an SUV slid in on the back. Cool though, nevertheless.