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Cornhole meets bean-bag basketball in this game for RVers


I love when I get a notification that something I’ve ordered or have been expecting shows up in my P.O. box. But this time there was nothing I had expected, yet I got a notice. Is it Christmas? Nope. Apparently, the folks who created the B3 Bean Bag Bucketz game got my contact information and sent me one of their games to see what I thought. 

Bean Bag Bucketz

First of all, what is it? You could think of the game as a marriage of cornhole and basketball, essentially. 

The game is the brainchild of Anthony Esposito and is simply a series of seven buckets that mount on a collapsible pole. The game comes with 16 bean bags in two different colors. The buckets have numbers on them corresponding to the values they have in game play. A minimum of two players are required to play but there really isn’t an upper limit, per se. 

The inspiration for the game came from a family visit to the Jersey Shore where Esposito’s son, Anthony, was playing a game of knocking sea shells off a stick. This ultimately translated into the idea for the game. It was then shown to Phil Elliott, former toy executive, and the process was started. 

After a Kickstarter campaign where more than $36,000 was raised, the game was ready for prime time. 

The game itself 

I figured the best way to test the game was to invite over my niece and nephew and some of their friends with a family. I don’t ever want it said that I don’t thoroughly research stuff. 

In a few moments, we had set up the game and let the children play. The age range of the children was between 3 and 11. There were also a couple of younger adults and then us, er, seasoned veterans. 

Our test game started by just goofing off to see what we could do. But when we introduced the rules of the game it continued to be fun. Later on, as we introduced beer (for the adults only) to the rules and the game, it also continued to be fun. 

While this is a game of skill and points, it isn’t so challenging that people who might be just slightly out of shape (okay, me) can’t thoroughly enjoy it. But the kids, too, really had a blast with it. I was surprised. It was simple enough to be understood by younger children. They also were satisfied just dunking the bean bags in the buckets. 

Bean Bag Bucketz for RVers

Since this is an RV information source, is this a good game for RVers? Yes. 

The whole thing packages up into a single bag, which is included with the game. Setting it up is really easy. It takes about five minutes to expand the poll and attach the buckets. It’s decently well made and can handle travel easily. Being almost completely plastic, I wouldn’t worry about using this on the beach where it’s salty and sandy. 

It’s really a simple idea but I was surprised by how well-received it was by everybody who was at the gathering at my house. The ages ranged from three to … well … to the age where you remember when prices were lower and times were simpler and are willing to tell anyone who will listen. Let’s just leave it at that. 

In fact, we have a camping trip coming this weekend and I can imagine the adults we’ve chosen to share the adventure with will like Bean Bag Bucketz. As mentioned, it’s simple enough so that you could lose the instructions and still be fine.

Honesty is the best policy

People offer to send me things quite frequently. I always say that I will be totally honest in whatever I share with you, as I think that’s the only way to tell a good story. Honesty is the best policy. 

But I will write that I think this really is a pretty nifty invention and one that I think would go well in lots of RVs. I know cornhole is a very popular game nowadays. However, to me, the disadvantage is that a well-made cornhole game is bulky and heavy. This is neither of those things. 

I suppose the biggest downside is that rough play by some players could damage the game. But that’s true of almost anything. As long as it’s used as intended I think it’ll hold up well. I’d say this is at least as fun, if not more so than cornhole. It could also double as a game of chance where alcoholic beverages (for adults, of course) are involved. 

My verdict? This could be buckets of fun. 

Why, yes. It’s available on Amazon. Thanks for asking.


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Debbie Ford
7 days ago

RE: Cornhole / bean bag basket…there is a similar game with baskets for young kiddos to play. My grands loved it. Glad to see a more challenging edition.

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