UPDATED: Gary Bunzer, the RV Doctor, fighting COVID-19


UPDATE, 9 p.m., Pacific time, Friday, APRIL 17
We are so sad to report that our dear friend Gary has died. Read more.

By Chuck Woodbury
Originally posted Sunday, March 29

My neighbor in Seattle, Gary Bunzer, the RV Doctor, is in the intensive care unit of a local hospital in critical but stable condition with COVID-19. 

Many of you know Gary for his lifetime of writing for RV magazines and teaching seminars at RV shows and rallies across the county.

Gary told a mutual friend of ours last week that he had the coronavirus and was not feeling well. He said not to tell anybody in the industry. That’s Gary’s way, I think — not wanting people to worry about him. Our friend waited a few days to tell me because he knew I would want to know.

It wasn’t until three days ago that I learned from Gary’s wife, Debbie, that he was in the hospital. “He’ll get back to you when he gets home,” she said, replying to my email message to him.

Today, being terribly worried, I emailed Debbie and asked her to please let me announce his condition to the RVing community so his many friends and fans could pray for him. They would want to know.

Gary is perhaps the best-known person in the RV industry in America, and I don’t think there is a person alive who does not love the guy. I’ve known him for about 20 years now. Living close to him for so long, we’ve met for coffee on countless occasions, and away from home at RV shows across the country. His home “office” is always the same seat in a nearby coffee house.

So please, put Gary on your thoughts and prayers. If you wish to leave a message for him to read when he recovers, feel free to leave it below in the comments.

Come on, Gary, fight hard. . . We’re all pulling for you. . . 

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Melissa Plowman

So, so, so sad to hear this news. I did not know him personally, but we saw him at the FMCA rally last year and read his many articles all over the place. He knew it all!! Damn covid.


Praying for you. Stay strong. We thought we were losing a good friend to this and he rallied back. (Trust me when I saw too close to the white gates) There is Hope even when you are feeling it at the worst. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


Our sincere condolences to Gary’s family. Gary was a great man who loved the rv community and worked hard to provide solutions to our many diverse issues. Everyone loved him. We will miss Gary more than words can say. God bless.

Ray and Ellen Ridenour

Our loves goes out to Gary’s family. We are so saddened by this news….A very sad moment for everyone. Ray and Ellen Ridenour

Dale Sain

He was a true high-caliber professional. I am just one of the countless thousands that met him, spoke with him, and listened to his sage advice. His RV wisdom has spanned generations and his wealth of knowledge left an indelible impact on this community in particular and the industry as a whole. Gary Bunzer, you have left a legacy. Rest in Peace.


We’ve been following your updates on Gary for the past few weeks, Chuck, and cannot begin to relate how saddened and sorry we are to hear that he didn’t recover. Such terrible news. Thank you for keeping us posted. We’ll keep Gary’s family and friends in our thoughts. Take good care of yourself, Chuck. – Peter & John


any updates? Facebook is circulating he died.

Ray and Ellen Ridenour

I just heard Gary died today? Does anyone know

Shari Hutch

Please get well soon, Gary! The world needs your laughter right now. Sending you healthy thoughts and much love. -Shari & Hutch, Freedom in a Can

John Nichols

Gary, I am praying for you to have a speedy recovery and the folks taking care of you to have wisdom.

John Thompson

Gary, you have a lot of people sending you healing prayers and heartfelt wishes for your recovery. Me too.

Jeff Wilkie

My wife Betty and I had just purchased an RV end of last year, and got to meet Gary at the Seattle RV Show. We’d become familiar with him through YouTube and RV Travel. Sat through as many of his seminars as we could and had a short conversation. He came across as a truly genuine and caring person. We were so sorry to hear of his contracting the virus. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family, hoping for a complete recovery. God bless.

Steven Roddy

Get well Gary. Look forward to seeing you at the next conference.

Herb Vogt

Praying for you every day. Look forward to working with you again on FMCA education and articles.


I don’t know Gary personally, but have read several of his articles about RV maintenance. A very knowledgeable person who would be greatly missed, so GARY get well. We will pray for your recovery.

Nick Peterson

Sending prayers…this is sad!

Becky Lenington

We continue to pray for you dear friends … sending hugs from NC.

Bobbi Dobbs

Gary and Debbie: We’re all continuing to pray for healing and peace. Jamie and I have been telling her boys stories about the fun we had on Coronado. Hugs and love. Bobbi


Thoughts and prayers to Gary and his family. I have learned so much from your articles.
Get well soon.


Praying for Gary and Debbie.