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RV Life in a Coronavirus World: “Attending a virtual church”


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EDITOR’S NOTE: We have asked readers to tell us how they are adapting to life these days. Here is one story:

“Found your site a couple of weeks ago and find it refreshing. We just got back from leaving snowy/cold Central Oregon to visit our kids in Northern CA and our friends in Desert Hot Springs, then to Borrego Springs only to be run out by rain and high winds. Finally to Squaw Lake near Yuma/Winterhaven. Stopped at Death Valley Nat’l Park before returning home through Tonapah and Fallen, NV. We have a 19′ Shadow Cruiser trailer and find it ample for us retired couple. We stopped at Crystal Crane Hot Springs RV Park near Burns, OR, for the last leg headed home. And, had to indefinitely hold our next time reservations there because the Gov shut down the hot springs. They are just a camping spot now keeping 6′ distances. I believe there are some dispersed camping spots still open around.

“The National RV Mfrs Assoc has lobbied many states to leave open RV Parks for Full-Timers and the homeless. Gotta have water and a dump. Some states relented their closures.

I feel for you as you are experiencing direct friends being affected by the virus. So far our kids are still working. One in the Navy at Whidbey Island, another a surgical nurse, another a dementia home director.

We have been hunkering down but picking up food from our Senior Center drive-by kitchen. The sheriff handed out food yesterday. Yes, wearing masks and gloves as we go out. We are cautious, but find our hope in the Lord knowing all this passed by Him first. Love your analysis and feel maybe we’ll run across you one day in our travels. This is our church online from Sunriver, OR, and if you find yourselves needing an uplift on Sunday morning 10 AM (PDT), check into this link and watch/listen. Our four pastors are not your regular run of the mill guys. Thanks for letting me share. Thanks for your site.”

Marvin Awtry

Your essays wanted

Here is your assignment (should you choose to accept it): Write an essay no longer than 500 words on this subject: “How I have adapted to a life in self-isolation.” Tell us what you do with your time, how you keep active physically and/or mentally, how you communicate with friends and family and other ways you occupy your time. Have you taken up a new hobby? Started writing a novel? We can’t pay for these articles right now, but you could earn a place on our staff if you impress us with your creativity. Submit your article here. Please include a photo of yourself or of something that helps illustrate your essay. We’ll post many, if not most of these every day in our RV Daily Tips Newsletter. If you’re not subscribed, sign up here.


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Gary Broughton
2 years ago

Our church has done 2 virtual gatherings with another coming up. Our Sunday school class will start classes, with Zoom, this Sunday.
Stay in to stay safe.

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