Ghostly burgers at Haunted Hamburger



In the ghost town of Jerome, Arizona, on the side of steep hill overlooking the town and far into the distance, is Haunted Hamburger, a popular local eatery. There, you can dine on a Ghostly Burger or a Haunted Chicken Sandwich.

But beware of ghosts. There are plenty of stories. At least some are thought to be frustrated tradesmen of times past. They harm nobody, but have a penchant for stealing hammers, which have disappeared of late with no explanation. When owner Eric Juristin ran into a previous owner of the building, he warned of such hammer-stealing ghosts!

Some guests’ photos have shown a ghostly image of a woman. Cans have flown off shelves. Hot water has mysteriously turned on at night. A ghostly sponge bath, perhaps?

Eating a burger at Haunted Burger is not a McDonald’s kinda experience.



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Dale Sain
3 years ago

Not to mention their Ghirardelli Chocolate Caramel milkshake (premium ice cream & whipped cream of course) that will savor in your memory for. . . well, eleven months now and counting.