Wednesday, March 22, 2023


Gizmo Review: SylvanSport Privy Bivy: Reining in Tony’s toilet posts

In an effort to contain Tony’s recent camp potty reviews, we got a SylvanSport privacy shelter, known on the SylvanSport website as the Privy Bivy. This is actually written by Tony’s wife, Peggy, and is sort of a counter to all his recent toilet reviews. 

I was headed out for a tent-only campout, and the shelter arrived just in time for me to test it out.

Like the SylvanSport products we’ve tried before, the shelter was good quality with attention to details. For example, check out the crescent moon on the door! Also over the door, the shelter is designed with a flap that can be propped open for ventilation. A rear screened window and mesh pocket adorn the back wall. Inside, you’ll also find a nylon rope along one wall that I used to dry a towel.

The Privy Bivy is larger than anticipated

This shelter is larger than anticipated. While I was expecting a 3-foot space, the dimensions are actually 50 inches on all four sides. One could easily create a “wet bath” and add a solar shower inside the space. It’s also a handy space to store the trash can when not in use. 

The bottom of the nylon shelter is not a floor like a tent, but rather there are flaps. For the most part, those stayed on the outside. But the night that a strong wind came up, one flap was brought inside and weighted down by the Camco Travel Toilet. The ground happened to be really hard, so the included tent pins were not driven. For the windy days, the included nylon guy lines were used to tie the shelter to the picnic table. 

I never found any instructions, but assembly is pretty easy to figure out. Two folded, bungee-style fiberglass poles create two arches. Clips on the outside of the nylon shelter hook onto the poles, which are also held to the structure at the bottom with pins. This could easily be assembled by one person in five or 10 minutes, after the first trial-and-error attempt. 

Several uses for the Privy Bivy

The SylvanSport Privy Bivy is a great way to have privacy while using a travel toilet, or showering. It would also make a good changing room. It’s light and compact so it would be easy to pop up at camp or the beach for a private dressing space. The doorway is a bit under 5 feet tall, and the overall height inside the shelter is about 6.5 feet. 

Although we don’t do much tent camping, the Privy Bivy will come in handy during our travels as a nice space for the camp potty, a changing space, or even just some added storage. As a small “garage” it will keep outdoor gear out of sight when we are away from the campsite. 

Written by Peggy Barthel because someone’s gotta keep Tony contained. (Editor: Yeah. Good luck with that, Peggy!)



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11 months ago

Would be lightweight and perfect for those boondocking RVers with a teardrop trailer or short-bed pickup camper.

11 months ago

My friend made their only “bathroom” with a tent connected to their main tent. They use a portable toilet that needs to be dumped. This way they can use the toilet whenever just like home. They also use a queen inflatable mattress like the ones that are sold for a guest room.

11 months ago

You need to write more reviews! I love Tony’s too!

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