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Good News: Things to smile about this week, April 25, 2021


By Nanci Dixon
In the midst of an abundance of everyday bad news, some good news stories still bubble to the surface.

We want to make sure you come here and smile too. That’s why we’re bringing you this “Good News” column each week. Enjoy!

“Forests are the lungs of the earth.” —Sadiman

69-year-old Sadiman spends his time planting a forest. He is planting banyan and ficus trees to benefit the people and the mountain. He decided 24 years ago to do something to save the increasingly arid mountain that was drying out by forest fires. The banyan and ficus trees hold a lot of water and have long roots to help prevent erosion.

The villagers thought he was crazy, a madman for trading his goats for banyan tree seeds. He has now planted more than 11,000 trees and is making the forest denser in over 618 acres of land.

Sadiman said that he wants to increase water sources because the plantings have caused springs to form. These provide clean water to the village and allowing more than one farm field planting per year. Sadiman says, “Forests are the lungs of the Earth.”

What’s the difference between a teacher and a train guard? One trains the mind, the other minds the train!

Riding Sunbeams, an appropriate name of a renewable energy company, has successfully piloted a solar-powered railway in Sussex, England. It is rolling out to a wider base, thanks to community-owned energy companies.

The goal is to decarbonize railways and increase the use of sustainable solar energy. The UK railway system is the highest user of electrical power in the United Kingdom so any reduction in energy use is significant. Riding Sunbeams’ additional goal was to increase private ownership in having people participate directly.

Riding Sunbeams’ first partner, Cuckmere Community Solar Company in Sussex, will feed electricity from its 3.75 MegaWatt solar farm into the London to Eastbourne line. By selling directly to the railway it is making the Solar Company viable for the first time.

A lot is riding on these rails!

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” —Dr. Suess

More good news for you

Illiana Figueroa and her dad, Miguel, have been helping to change the lives of others with autism and special needs for the last four years with her YouTube Channel.

Illiana loved watching YouTube videos. But when her dad suggested she start one too, she responded that she couldn’t because she has autism. Her dad, saddened by her response, convinced her to try and set up a studio in their basement.

Since then Illiana has grown in confidence and has an audience of more than 119,000 viewers. Many of them also have autism or other special needs. Her channel, ToyQuest 101, is providing not just a channel to review pop culture, it is providing inspiration to others like her. Below is one of the ToyQuest episodes.

And now some of our favorite videos… cute animals!

Capybaras are the definition of an animal bro from AnimalsBeingBros

A cat who has become protective of her little chicks. from aww

Real emotions show human animal bond from aww

Until next Sunday, have a “Good News” week!

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1 year ago

If memory serves me right the banyon tree at the light house in Jupiter Florida covers acres. They are no longer brought in Florida as they are invasive.

1 year ago

I’ve worked with a lot of kids who have autism. Most of them have taught me more about use of technology than I could ever teach them. Amazing visual memory and skills. Good for Illiana that she has more confidence, sad that she ever thought having autism should prevent her from doing what she wants.