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Getting a handle on RV’s steps with the Safe-T-Rail

This is my story about the MORryde Safe-T-Rail handrail that I have installed on my trailer. One of the nifty things about the way I was able to work with Rockwood on this trailer was that several companies installed products for us to try, and the Safe-T-Rail was one of those. 

At the most recent FROG (Forest River Owners’ Group) rally, we had a great spot out in the front of a row and, as other campers started to show up for the rally, I heard a knock on the door. The gentleman who knocked wanted to know more about the Safe-T-Rail that was installed on our camper, as he had never seen anything like it. 

I invited him and his wife to try out the rail by walking up and down the stairs. Since this was before the rally, I told him that I believed that MORryde was going to be one of the vendors, which they were. He came back to visit a few days later and said he liked the Safe-T-Rail so much that he had one installed on his own travel trailer. 

What is the Safe-T-Rail?

When the MORryde Solid Steps first came out I was still working at the RV dealer and we were fascinated by them. Having lived for decades with the traditional RV steps that were flimsy and wobbly, these seemed like a revolutionary idea. They were also quite popular. 

While I think there are also downsides to these, as with any product, the majority of people’s experience with them is a glowingly positive one. 

But the handrails that are part of this package weren’t as revolutionary as the steps themselves. Not that they were bad, but just not as game-changing as the steps. 

The Safe-T-Rail is essentially a long (42”) bar that extends the full length of the steps. It mounts to the side of the RV and sort of slides open with a brace underneath. 

When it’s deployed for use, I find it to be very stable and to provide good assistance. 

Putting it away is also easy—the lower support slides toward the camper which folds the whole arm in and is held by a strong magnet.

Having walked in and out of hundreds of RVs in my role selling them and then looking at them for reviews here on RVtravel.com, I can say that I would never have an RV without this Safe-T-Rail again. It’s that good. 


First of all, know that the Safe-T-Rail came already installed on my own trailer so I didn’t have to do the installation. But it appears to be rather simple.

For the aftermarket models that I saw at the FROG rally, there is a long metal plate that attaches to the side of the camper. The Safe-T-Rail then attaches to this and that plate also serves as a base for the magnet to hold onto. 

That metal plate that mounts to the side of the camper also covers any holes that might have been there with the handles you would remove if you choose to install this. As a hint, I would put butyl tape behind the metal bar on the side of the trailer as a bonus to minimize water intrusion. 

In conclusion

As mentioned, the gentleman who knocked on our door asking about the Safe-T-Rail came back later and said he had one installed. In fact, his story was very similar to others. I was surprised by how many people stopped by and asked about the Safe-T-Rail.  

I guess that this was the same reaction when the MORryde Solid Steps came out. The ones installed on our camper are the latest version of these and are much easier to adjust than the ones we had at the dealership. 

In fact, quite frankly, I had kvetched about adjusting the steps. But the ones on our camper aren’t really fiddly at all compared to the ones that I used when they first came out. Ours simply have a button under each of the legs—you put the steps where you want them and push the button. Bam, the feet are adjusted. 

I believe these are faster to deploy than the steps in our old camper, so I have come around to them in the latest iteration. 

But there was no question about my status as a fanboy for the Safe-T-Rail handrail. I think everybody I showed it to got one for their own camper. 



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Marilyn M
18 days ago
Kingfish Stevens
18 days ago

Can’t find a price, can’t find one for sale on line. I’m not going to chase down some dealer for one, guess I’ll pass on this.

1 month ago

About 15 years ago a friend built an almost identical handrail from the remnants of a broken awning. Take a look at this handrail, it looks about like an awning arm.

Jim charters
1 month ago

I also can not find one for sale. Need one since my wife just had major back surgery and need help with stairs.

Sheryl Hendrix
1 month ago

So are these a one size fits all? No links to find them or buy them. What’s up?!

Donald N Wright
1 month ago

This looks like a good, safe idea. I wonder if they have a model for Airstream trailers.

Jeff Mattingly
1 month ago

Morryde is only selling at shows. Does anyone know when we can order?

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