Hard to believe an RV park hookup could be so stupid!


By Chuck Woodbury
Hard to believe an RV park hookup could be so stupid!Here’s the water-hookup situation at my campsite at an RV park in Springfield, Illinois. I just found this photo. I took it a few years ago.

Luckily, I was the only one occupying the four campsites that shared this one water source. Imagine when the park was packed and four RVs needed to share.

When taking a shower while sharing the water with others, it might be better to use your own water supply and water pump instead of risking a sudden pressure drop when the neighbors decided to take their own shower.

I know most RV parks are mom-and-pop operations and it costs money to upgrade the plumbing. Nevertheless, if a park wants to attract RVers and not give them reasons to stay at Walmart for free, then they need to dedicate themselves to making their facilities worth paying for. This situation is not acceptable. Actually, it’s ridiculous!

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Donald Wright

I’ve seen worse. The water faucet was above the electrical connection. “drip, drip, drip”, Or the old campground designed for tents and popups, electrical and water connections at the pipes running behind the site, not next to the RV parking spot. Trees so close to pavement that the slide outs cannot
be used. Campground restrooms with no ventilation system, not even an exhaust fan.

Bob Weinfurt

Whatever happened to the basic fun of camping? I’m more relaxed with boondocking than if I have WIFI, cable, and the other “luxuries” of home. My motorhome is 42 years old so it’s not financially draining on me. Electric and extra water are nice to have but everything I have runs off propane or 12 volts, even my TV. So, am I a happy camper? You betcha. I always clean up the area I stayed at, even other peoples garbage left behind. It’s just the right thing to do to help keep free camping places available to us all. PS… Read more »


I couldn’t figure out the problem when I first looked at the picture. But when I read the comments and found out the problem was only water pressure, I thought it was pretty trivial. Personally, I would rather have low pressure than high and, maybe, blow a line. If there is an electrical outlet under the water spigot, then I would consider that a real problem!

richard ackroyd

Chuck, are we all “expecting ” too much ? Are we rushing headlong towards a ” this coffee is hot” scenario ? For the last 6 years we have spent the 6 summer months travelling around this great country. This week we are at a casino RV park paying $65 per night, 6 weeks ago we were staying at Dawson ND for $105 per WEEK with full hookups. Dawson has a population of 67 people. If you are in Montana you will get great views, if you are at the fairground in Fargo ND maybe not such good views. If… Read more »


Two weeks ago, 1000 Trails in Long Beach, WA!
Four sewers, four waters, two electric, the other two next site over!


Can’t post pictures?

David Hagen

I stayed at a campground in Canada a few years ago that had water hoses with “Y”dividers on the hoses running throughout the campground. I was told just to follow the hose back to the spigot and turn on all the “Y” devices. And the power was extension cords hung in the trees. Sewer was one long long sewer hose stuck through a manhole cover at one end, the other RV’ers hooked up to when they needed to dump.


I build homes thru Habitat RVcaravaners and at one build we have 6 RVs hooked up to one hose bib. Not as big of an issue as you would think.


If they have good water pressure you’ll be fine stop overreacting.


“camping” does not mean what you THINK it means. Camping has nothing to do with hotel amenities and wifi. Apples and oranges

Gene Cheatham

Server .. yikes! So much valuable information lost. Are you considering forensic recovery? Is it all gone prior to the event?

Thomas Becher

I didn’t see even one anti siphon device on that mess of faucets. So the last guy to hook up used his fresh water hose to clean out the black tank.? No thanks laws and rules and codes are made to prevent injury, not to punish people.


Chuck….you need to stay at better parks! : )


That looks very much like the I nternet connection at many campgrounds. One small source and multiple connections. Just about the time you get started on email, the rest of the park wakes up. A recent stop east of Denver at a major campground chain location brought this warning at checkin: “We are full this weekend so don’t expect WiFi to work”. She was correct though I did manage to partially download emails between 5 and 5:15 each morning. It was like most of the rest of their facility, tired, worn out and difficult to work with. A hotel chain… Read more »

Vanessa Simmons

Why I have not one but two hot spots, Verizon and Sprint (through FMCA) and a dish satellite. I don’t pay to stay in expensive resorts or parks. If you full time or most time that is the way to go. You are fully self contained. When I check in and they are giving me the list of local stations and log in info for their wifi, which most say isn’t very good, tell them I don’t need it I have my own.


I sure hope this isn’t Sangchris Lake SP at Springfield , IL. We have reservations there for this Sept.

Mike Schwab

Definitely not Sangcrhis Lake, or New Salem, or State Fair campground. Could be Riverside, Park District.

Sally Smith

Not Sangchris….we have been down there several times and it is wonderful!!