Friday, February 3, 2023

MENU readers share their weirdest RV encounters

Last week we asked about the odd RV encounters you experienced while RVing. We did not get as many responses to this question as we usually do. Perhaps most of our readers have not experienced any extreme weirdness while camping.

But some of you definitely have. Here’s what you shared.

Naked weirdness at the campground

“Camping always has its surprising moments as in seeing more than you thought you’d see. Camping at a local private campground we were enlightened to see a neighbor camper’s wife standing proudly in their doorway in her birthday suit. Guess they were newbies. Sorry, no pictures.”
—Gary Y.

“When our son was a teen, we invited his friend along for an RV trip. After a time, we looked out the window to see the wife in the RV next door sunbathing with only a thong and completely topless! Not appropriate, but the park staff soon came over and ‘righted’ the situation. They were a family visiting from Germany and thought nothing of it!”
Carol R.

“While in Oregon at a campground a couple with several kids camped next to us. The wife mentioned to me that she had breast implants and then proceeded to show those proud puppies to me. We left the next day to continue our journey, but I still remember them.”
—Wayne N.

It’s a small world after all

“We pulled into a rural campground for the night. A camper pulls in next to us and I was not happy as it blocked our satellite dish. They were obviously newbies. After a while of watching them struggle with hookups, I went out and asked if I could assist. Turns out they pulled next to us because we were from the same state (they saw our plates). Nice young couple with no camping experience. Turns out we lived about 10 miles apart in the Midwest. We were 1,800 miles from home. I ended up showing them how to fill and run the water heater, fresh water tank, and how to dump their tanks. I loaned them a heated hose as it was forecast to freeze in the coming week. We met them several weeks later for dinner in Phoenix when they returned my hose. Just shows how jumping to conclusions can cause you to miss out on a great opportunity.”
—Steve P.

What the heck was THAT about?

“We had just set up camp at a California coast state park when a white unmarked van pulled in next to us. An older man with two sketchy-looking men in their twenties jumped out and proceeded to set up a tent and organize the camping gear. I left in our truck on an errand but my wife remained behind inside our fifth wheel. She overheard them naming all the equipment they saw in and around our rig with reference also to our two big dogs. The next day a stern older lady in business attire appeared armed with a clipboard. She obviously was reading the riot act to them. I watched her leave in a government-issued blue vehicle. We packed up and left.”
—Len B.

“At a west Yellowstone RV overflow park setting up our travel trailer, I was hooking electricity up and including a surge protector when another RVer, a man, walking up to his door looked at what I was doing while saying he liked that thing and would take that one. Referring to my surge protector. I used it to check to make sure the pedestal was good before removing it and locking it in the basement compartment. We left early each day to check out Yellowstone. One of our days we came back to the travel trailer in the afternoon to see that same man and his wife sitting at the picnic table literally at our door.”
—Bill J.

Speaking of head-scratchers, I am reminded of this odd RV conversation I had at an Army Corps of Engineers campground in Washington:

The woman from the next campsite came over to say hello and introduce herself. After a minute of pleasantries, she asked if I was by myself. I said that yes, I was. She answered that she was too. When I pointed out the fact that I was pretty sure I could see a guy setting up her campsite next door she answered, “Oh yeah, that’s my husband.” She then went off to join him. The two of them motored off the next morning. I have no idea what that was about.

What in the world were you thinking?

“I woke up at 2:00 AM one morning and found a woman peering into the window of my travel trailer. When I asked her what she thought she was doing, she immediately took off. This occurred in a fully booked campground on Prince Edward Island, not in a remote area.”
—Carl W.

“While staying at Turkey Run State Park in Indiana, I decided to hose off my outdoor ground rug. We had an empty lot next door, so I laid the rug over the picnic table so it could dry in the sun. Well, a couple about five or six lots down was driving through and saw it on the picnic table. They decided it was fair game for some reason and drove back around the one-way street and threw it in the back of their truck! After speaking with the ranger, I was walking back to our lot looking around and the same couple said, “You look like you are looking for something.” After explaining my missing rug, they stated that it was in the back of their truck. Sometimes you just can’t understand how people think. Taking something that does not belong to you is stealing.”
—Dan K.

“While working as a gate attendant at a Corps of Engineers campground one of the campers was driving around in a very erratic manner, running over signs and hitting a parked vehicle. When he returned to his place I got his keys. He seemed to be in a diabetic coma. We called 911 for an ambulance; upon their arrival, it turns out he was dead drunk and had consumed a quart of vodka prior to 8AM on a Sunday.”
—Donald W.

Odd RVs

“This past September, we had a ‘camper’ pull into the spot uphill from us. Well, it wasn’t really a camper—it was a boat on a trailer! The passengers climbed up into the boat, and spent the night! The next day they were off to their next destination. I hope they eventually found some water!”
—Jane G.

“Many, many years ago we were on our annual trip to the family ranch in Montana with our two children. We were beginner RVers with a popup camper. We decided to spend a night at the International Peace Garden on the North Dakota-Manitoba border. As we approached the campground we saw a sea of silver with apparently no space available. It was an Airstream caravan. A camper approached us, led us to a spot under a tree, too small for their units, and helped us settle in. We must have slept very soundly because when we awoke the next morning they were all gone. We were the only ones left.”
—David G.

Animal weirdness

“We were workamping and a lady was staying for a week and had 11 dogs. She was there for a dog show. In a small class A. I cannot imagine 11 dogs in any RV!”
—Lisa A.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s dog!

“We rented an RV for the first time and ‘camped’ with relatives at a campground in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. This was about 13, 14 years ago and our dog was 1 or 2 years of age. A nearby camper took an unusually strong interest in our dog, who has a lot of hound dog characteristics and is probably half-hound of some type. The guy commented several times about what a great hunting dog our dog could be. We paid especially close attention to our dog until that camper left.”
—Neil D.

Odd RV experiences with dogs
Neil D’s dog.

That is indeed odd, Neil. But in his defense, that is a mighty nice-looking dog you have there. Glad you and the dog stayed safe.

“Camping one morning at Rodman Dam State Park in Florida, we were awakened by a gentleman running around the camp screaming. Turns out he had just won $100,000 in a bass tournament.”
—Mike K.

“We were on the Alcan between Tok and Fairbanks on a straight road when we passed a female moose who then CHARGED at our diesel pusher. She hit the driver’s side rear corner and went down under the toad. When I looked in the mirror she had gotten up and wandered off. We had a loose rear fiberglass lower cap. We called Progressive from Fairbanks and the adjuster came out, looked, found hair and said, ‘Yep, it’s a moose.’ Duct tape and nylon cord held it till we got back home.”
—Richard K.

It just goes to show: NEVER be without duct tape in your rig. It is always the RVer’s friend! (In fact, here’s an article showing you 16 ways to use it around your RV!)

Want more RV weirdness?



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California Travel Videos
1 month ago

Wow, after reading a few of those “frisky” stories it reminded me of two years ago at a group rally of a few hundred RVers, our next door neighbor was a notable author and speaker. A few days later his lady friend joined him and on the next day it was rainy in the mid-morning and we dropped by to give our goodbye’s before leaving.

Not long after my wife and I knocked on the door of his RV, he opened it wide wearing no more than… a smile and displaying his “pride and joy!” We were sure to keep eye-to-eye contact and awkwardly wished them well until we meet again (or something like that).

In retrospect, it makes one wonder if the author was a psychologist and we were involved in some sort of a clinical trial or whatever. Or maybe we were naive – I dunno…

Last edited 1 month ago by California Travel Videos
1 month ago

We were camping in Minnesota as I was walking to drop off the garbage and heard some quacking in the area as I found like 4 ducks in the pen next to the camper.

Last edited 1 month ago by Kevin
Linda Graham Gruvman
1 month ago
Reply to  Kevin

When we camped in the overflow at Lk. Havasu State Park two years ago the couple next to us had a pet “rescue chicken” in a little portable chicken run.

Don Nedrow
1 month ago

We had gone from Oregon to Golden CO with our 23′ TT, to see my brother then headed for Mt Rushmore. In Sheridan NB the rain was conning down very hard. we saw a city police officer and asked where we could stay for the night. He directed us around the corner to a school turnout with a table. a little later an older couple backed out of their driveway across the street. The lady got out of the vehicle to tell us we should be in a storm shelter. Never told us where one was located and drove off. Next morning we heard a tornado touch down just a few miles from were we were. 2,000 miles from and where should you go?

1 month ago

Was at a campground when the trailer next door had a full-size hog come down the steps. The family said it was their pet and traveled with them.

Donald N Wright
1 month ago

No weird stories, just this old guy helping newbies set up their campers. Some rental units have no supplies, blocks, hoses, power cords. Amazing.

Ray Leissner
1 month ago

Weird encounters,yep you never forget them. While not RV related it may be worth a chuckle. As a young man I worked at a large chemical plant, collecting and delivering samples to a lab for analysis. I was warned the sole lab technician was old and had worked alone his entire career. Before entering the lab I entered the men’s room next door, wherein there was only one other man in a stall, his feet visible. As I proceeded to use the urinal, the man spoke out loud, telling himself a joke. At the end of the joke he laughed out loud, abruptly halted then said “Oh you stupiid SOB, you told me that joke last week.” I beat a hasty retreat.

1 month ago

Years ago, I was going to Mount Rainier from my home in Oregon, to an art show thing. I stopped at a rest stop for the night. They get quite crowded with RVs and big diesel trucks. There were diesels on both sides of me, running all night. Sometime late, a guy next to me started coughing uncontrollably, choking, I decided . I was hoping to go back to sleep, but the coughing went on and on. People were milling around out there, trying to help, and by and by, an ambulance showed up with lights and siren. There were no close towns. They took him away and left his truck running. In the daylight, it was still running, and no one in it. I wondered if someone would steal it before the guy came back–assuming he lived. I felt bad for the person, sure never got any sleep, but I had to move on. I now hesitate to spend the night in a rest stop, but don’t like freeways anyway.

Jeff Myers
1 month ago

These stories are entertaining. Have you ever done a request for “small world” stories? I love being thousands of miles from home and meeting friends of friends.

Cheri Sicard
1 month ago
Reply to  Jeff Myers

Excellent suggestion Jeff. Thank you. We will do that one in January.

My best one of those was not RV related. I was in Tokyo. In one evening I ran into the bandmates of jazz musician Les McCann who I had met a week earlier in a Los Angeles sushi bar, at another club (on the same night) I ran into a show promoter I used to work for in LA, we all decided to go out to this other place, where the band was from my home town in Massachusetts. All one night.

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