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Feeling a little… grumpy… in the RV park showers

Last week Cheri Sicard collected your stories recalling the weirdest RVing encounter you’ve ever had. Frequent contributor Rod Andrew wrote in and sent us his own tale. It’s very weird all right… and a little grumpy…

By Rod Andrew
We’ve all probably had unsettling experiences in public bathrooms. You know, “Oops, sorry Ma’am. I guess I’m in the wrong room.” Nothing serious, but a bit embarrassing and soon forgotten. Well, I had one years ago that I still remember vividly. I wrote down the description of what happened at the time so I wouldn’t forget any detail.

During a trip through Nevada, we stopped for a night at a trailer park, which had a few spots for overnight stays. The manager was away when we entered, but a couple of helpful residents showed us where we could set up. One of them even loaned us her spare key to the washroom and told us where we could find a good, family-style restaurant. We felt welcome.

The site was easy to access and, once we were set up, we both headed off for much-needed showers. We’re always a little nervous about using public washrooms, but these were tiled and very clean. We went to our gender-specific facilities and arranged to wait for whoever was slowest.

The shower

I had a quick shave and could hear that one of the curtained shower cubicles was in use. I was a bit surprised by the noises the occupant was making, as he was moaning and making barking sounds, so I went to the shower that was nearest the exit door. I didn’t have my hearing aids, so I convinced myself that he was probably singing, as there were words mixed in with his droning, but I moved quietly. I didn’t want to attract any attention.

It seemed the wise thing to do.

I had just stepped under the shower when his moaning stopped and he yelled. I’ll leave out the expletives, but he was obviously angry at the loss of pressure or fall in temperature that he had suddenly experienced. His swearing referred to my parentage, which was obviously pure guesswork, and was interspersed with the earlier moaning. I was now seriously alarmed. There was a large, angry, naked man a few feet away, who was enraged at what he thought I had done to him, and I was only armed with a Trac 11 razor!

In spite of my efforts to be silent, he knew I was in there somewhere.

Then… silence. He had stopped yelling and turned off the shower. I pictured an enraged yeti pondering its next move and tried to listen to what he was doing. Although my hearing is impaired and I was still in the shower, I could hear him toweling off. He seemed to take an age to get dressed, but the angry noises had been reduced to muttering. I could see the exit door through the edge of my curtain if I leaned a bit to my left.

I waited.

As he walked past my shower stall, I held my breath. He was still making sounds like he was annoyed. When he pulled the door open, I snuck a look.

I could see him clearly. He was just over 5 feet tall, wrinkled and aged, and built like a garden gnome. He was dressed warmly, with a woolen sweater and thick pants, and had a green toque on his head.

Not so cheerful… but that’s him, that’s really him!

I had been terrorized by Grumpy!

As he stepped through the door, he turned towards my stall and said, in a deep voice, “Have a nice day.”

And left.

Have a nice day!

My wife was waiting for me, outside, around the corner from the entrance to the men’s showers. “What took you so long?”

Of course, I asked, but she hadn’t seen my tiny tormentor. To this day, I don’t think she is convinced that my description of my encounter was accurate. Honest, I have only changed the story by deleting some spectacular swearing.

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Jesse Crouse
1 month ago

Just another reason to NOT use a park shower!

Jack 🤠
1 month ago

The last time I took a shower in a campground bathroom was when we were still tent camping. Not sure why you would use a public shower when you have a perfectly good shower in your RV.
Inquiring minds want to know?

Neal Davis
1 month ago

Great story. Had I told it to an audience of Canadians, they probably would have broken into fits of laughter, and/or stared open-mouthed in disbelief. Why? Because what is a toque in Canada is a tobaggan in my part of the US. Admittedly saying a guy put a sled on his head and went outside does conjure an amusing picture, eh?

1 month ago

When we first got our 5th wheel, we always used the park restrooms. Even in the middle of the nite, we didn’t use our composting toilet to even pee. It was for “emergency use only”.
One morning I took a shower in the community facilities. I walk in the one stalls and noticed there was no hook anywhere. One plastic chair. I undressed and arranged my clothes and towel perfectly on the chair. I showered, got out and started to dry off, balancing on my shower shoes, trying not to touch anything. I started to put my jeans on and realized I didn’t dry my calf off. I then lost my balance, the flimsy lock on the door gave way and I almost tumbled out! I grabbed the chair to steady myself. Finally finished, I wandered back to the RV. My wife asked, “how was your shower?”. Don’t ask, I said. The next morning I took the first shower in our RV and it was wonderful!! I won’t be showering, or using the restroom facilities in the parks! I have a perfectly fine restroom in our RV!

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