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Holiday gifts for the RVer

Can you believe it’s that time again? Time to open the floodgates of our bank accounts, time to start measuring our weight in desserts, time to shower ourselves in family traditions (whether you want to or not) and time to be jolly and merry and bright (that’s how it goes, right?). This year, we’ve selected a few of our favorite products to share with you for our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide. 

Art by JazzberryBlue on Etsy

For the one who likes to decorate:

  • This “Glamping” book for those just getting started on the road, or for those who just appreciate a good laugh. -$21
  • These cute trailer string lights to make the living room a little cozier. -$17
  • These handmade birdhouses shaped like vintage trailers. -$65
  • This “punny” blanket for those cold nights. -$44+
  • This lovely art piece that shows, sigh, what camping used to look like. -$15+
  • This adorable trailer-shaped soap dispenser-$35
  • This classic VW van and trailer planter for the gardener without a garden. -$45


For the one who is always outdoors:

  • A National Park Pass for the explorer. -$80
  • The Kammock, a lightweight, compact, sturdy hammock for those who like to relax outdoors. -$85
  • This extremely loud portable alarm to keep out intruders or ward away bears. -$10
  • This subscription service that sends a box of unique outdoor gear to their doorstep every month. -$28+/month
  • These National Park magnets for the RV fridge so they can cross off every park they’ve been to. -$8
  • This handy firestarter keychain which unravels into 1.5 meters of emergency paracord (for the adventurers!). -$23
  • Lifestraw, so they’ll never be without fresh drinking water. -$19
  • This hilarious t-shirt for the one with a sense of humor. -$20
  • Make an embroidered map like this one to show their journey. 

For the one who likes to eat and drink:

For the handy one:

For the young ones:




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