Thursday, September 21, 2023


Court orders backyard RV park slum cleared; property owner faces charges

A judge has issued an order to evacuate a property in Sylmar, a suburban neighborhood in Los Angeles, California, containing 23 RVs, including the owner’s residence, by this Sunday. The decision came swiftly after utility crews cut power to the property, which has posed health and safety risks to residents and neighbors for an extended period.

During the court session on Wednesday, a city attorney argued that portions of the property were already red-tagged, deeming it dangerous and uninhabitable due to faulty electrical connections and sewage issues. Shockingly, among the 23 RVs, 11 were found to house either small children or elderly occupants.

The homeowner, identified as Cruz Godoy, faces misdemeanor charges relating to zoning and permit violations and appeared in court on Wednesday. The pre-trial hearing has been scheduled for August 3.

Kurt Cabrera Miller, the president of the Sylmar Neighborhood Council, expressed his concern about the property’s condition, stating, “It’s unlivable. It’s been unlivable for four years, and the property owner has been allowing people to live there, which is unacceptable.” The council recently initiated efforts to assist neighboring residents in clearing out and potentially cleaning up the site.

According to RV occupants, Cruz Godoy charges them approximately $500 per month for each mobile home. Aerial images reveal that there are about 23 RVs currently on the property.



  1. The “renters” are being taken advantage of too. The owner of the property cares only about $$. He should be charged with felonies not misdemeanors.

  2. Housing shortage from hell. Unfortunately, most of these people have no where else to go. Beautiful California has destroyed the dream. Cheap, ratty RVS will not solve the problem. Eventually, your chickens come home to roost.

    • I’m not sure why people think they have a right to live in an area that they can’t afford. We moved several times when I was young so that my father could find adequate work and provide for his family. This is a huge issue here in CA and the state government thinks it can solve the problem by requiring builders to create affordable housing, at a huge loss of profit, or not be allowed to do business here.

    • Absolutely! The landlord is making almost $12,000.00 per MONTH off these desperate people. The tired old “if you can’t afford to live here, then move” nonsense doesn’t fly. Everyone has to be somewhere, and telling people to go live elsewhere if the rent where they already live is now unaffordable just completely misses the point. You’re right, the greed economy and overall failed policies have created this mess and the chickens have indeed come home to roost. Working stiffs and fixed income retirees need to live, too. This is a state, not a private, restricted country club.

      • The folks living there should have known that their “good deal” would eventually go away and they would have to move.


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