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How can I access the RV’s shower faucet to change it?

Dear Dave,
Our tub/shower faucet needs replacing. There is no access to the faucet. We have even taken the mirror out in the bedroom, but no access. Any idea how to change the faucet without cutting a hole in the wall? Any help would be appreciated. —James, 2004 Beaver Monterey

Dear James,
There are typically three ways to access the handle in most RVs. The first is to remove the panel on the actual face of the shower surround. Look to see if there is a rim that has small plastic caps surrounding the head and handle. If there is, these are screw heads and you should be able to pop off the caps with a small flat screwdriver and remove the screws. You will need to cut the silicone that is typically around the edge of the panel. Here is a photo of this process on a Winnebago that we upgraded the shower head on.

The second method of accessing the handle is to look on the opposite wall the handle is positioned on. Some manufacturers cut a square access in the opposite wall and then place a larger cover panel with a decorative trim. I have even found some that placed a picture or even a TV over the access panel!


Most likely what your Monterey has

The third is most likely what your rig has and requires removing the handle. From what I can find on video walkarounds and photos on sale sights, your Monterey has a one-piece shower surround, most likely an ABS plastic vacu-formed. It also looks like there is a single handle with a round ring or plate and the shower head above that.

Typically there is a cap on the handle that covers or hides the screw. Use a small flathead screwdriver or pick and remove the cap. Remove the handle and then you should see a nut that will allow you to remove the backing plate and have access to replace that portion of the shower head.



If not, then I would cut a square hole on the back side of the wall that the shower handle is on, replace it, and cover the square with some decorative wood and trim.

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Why did RV’s faucets leak after water pump was replaced?

Dear Dave,
Last winter the RV service center winterized our motorhome. We had told them that we already purged all water from plumbing so they only needed to put antifreeze into the plumbing. They forgot and burned out our pump, so they replaced it on their dime. When we dewinterized it, all of a sudden we had leaks in most of our faucets so had to replace them. My question is whether the pump is adjustable for water pressure, or if it is set at 40 psi. I’ve tried calling them, but they never answer or return my calls. Thanks, Dave! —Genevieve, 2005 Itasca Meridian

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Dave Solberg is a leading expert in the RV industry and the author of the “RV Handbook.”

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