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In the last 12 months how many days was your RV actually on the road?

Do you move around a lot with your RV — stay a day or two in one place, then get itchy feet and move on, basically taking an RV road trip? Or do you stay put for months on end — maybe in a nice park up north in the summer, then follow the sunshine south in the winter?

Or are your habits between these two extremes? Curious minds want to know.

So let’s see how much we all move around. The survey may take a few moments to load, so stand by.


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Sherman Johnson
1 year ago

The answer depends if the question is answered as if it is 2018 — when it was written — or December 2021. From 2012,when we bought our RV, until the fall of 2019, it was on the road at least 6 weeks a year, and usually 12 to 14 weeks. However, our first and only trip since 2019 was <1 week long, last month — none in 2020.

Paul Mooter
1 year ago

About 80 to 90 days. We have a site in Melbourne Beach, FL and stay at a friends place (20 acres) in Spokane, WA. Since this past season was our 1st snow-bird experience, we wound up taking a month on the 1st leg, and 1.5 months on the 2nd leg. I think that’s about the right amount of time. We also do small trips from either of those sites as there are always things to see and do. This season we’ll be going through Colorado on our way to Florida and ‘might’ spend a bit more time in Colorado as it’s so beautiful, and now that we have a DP we’ll be able to push through the mountains without having to yell over the sound of the straining gas engine. (like our old rig).

Last edited 1 year ago by Paul Mooter
4 years ago

70 days. Retired, spending spring in SW and fall in S Utah/Mn.

4 years ago

on the road 3 to 5 days once a month dentist = campground , on to visit friends and family = street camping , or visit Phill the weather prognosticator
major excursion = twice a year = 3 weeks of driving , camping , scenic sites , or abandoned [ ?] parking lots or rest stops . [ 2 to 3 nites eating real nice out , all others toyota micro mini motor home cooked ]

Tell M
4 years ago

We retired in last year, rented our house and moved in to the 38′ fifth wheel and hit the road in September of 2017. We have put 20,000 miles since then. We left Was. Ended up in Florida for the winter and left for Gaspee Quebec for the summer. Now we’re going back to Florida for the winter and in February we will head back to the Northwest to renew my license. Then the plan is to go North!??? Most stops were for 4days and two were for a couple+ months.

4 years ago

We had a very busy year with family matters and didn’t get to camp a lot . But what we did was great. We are hoping for a better 2019 for camping.

4 years ago

I don’t know anything about camping world rvs. But I do know I have had nothing but luck with them in general sales. Maybe it is because I am in Michigan and love the one down the road from me. Who knows. I also know that if you do business with RV General, especially the one in Birch Run Michigan they will do right by you. I love the sales staff. Some of the closers are a little pushy but still, hearing negative stuff about other RV sellers makes me want to say you folks need to come to Michigan. A lot safer to buy in my state then out. I love my new TT and plan to keep it for years to come. Heading to Colorado and Utah next July. Can’t wait.

John Hurley
4 years ago
Reply to  jillie

About a 2007 Keystone Cougar. During 2009-2012 I put 31,000 miles on this 5th wheel, 32ft unit. Visiting relatives and friends around the country. Not selling anything. Only had some minor maintenance performed on this unit.
Hurley 23SEP2018

Kelly R
4 years ago

My Roadtrek is also my daily driver, but did about 30 days on the road this year. Seldom spend more than one night at any one place. Exception is visiting relatives for a couple of days, but still stay in a campground rather than in a driveway. We travel to travel and love getting lost going from small town to small town – the only way to see this great country, its history and its people. Have never had a problem finding a campground – or RV park, our last choice. A lot of you have evidently found nicer Walmarts than we are familiar with. Around our area even walking from car to store after dark is a bit scary.
Roadtreks are probably a bit small for a lot of people, but because it is a factory built vehicle, water intrusion, maintenance, parts, etc. should be no problem. Four years with this rig and nothing but oil changes. No problems with the quality of the coach either. I paid about three times more than many trailers and more than some Class Cs that are larger, but I will have this for 20 years, just like my cars.

4 years ago

Last year we did: NH to AK to FL back to NH so only a couple of short local trips this year.

4 years ago

This was a little confusing. As a full-timer, how many days are actually on the road vs sitting…hmm…or did you mean how many days I was using my RV?

4 years ago

We own a rv site at a rv resort on the Oregon coast. Our home is in the Southern California desert and It takes us four days to get to our resort…where we stay for five months and then four days to get home. So our total “on the road” days is actually only 8…..but we use the motorhome for approximately five months.

Dianna Winsett
4 years ago

Brought home our new Jayco 17 Apr ’18 as my reward for finishing chemo and radiation. Bumned, haven’t gotten it out of the yard yet. Immunotherapy every 3 wks. Now the husband is leery of going too far away. Makes me more frustrated.

George Cederholm
4 years ago

Initially I misread the question. We’ve been out for our “summer travels” from our “winter base” in Arizona since May 9, about 135 days, with about 40 days remaining on this trip.

But, we’ve only been “on the road” for 36 of those days, as we’ve moved up through Utah and Wyoming, across to Oregon, and down the coast in California. We have generally stayed 3-6 days per location this year, probably a little more frequent moves than normal.

Tommy Molnar
4 years ago

Had to think about this for a few minutes. We’ve been ‘gone’ a lot, but we like to get somewhere – and stay. We’ve got some favorite boondocking sites and use them frequently. We set up, then settle in, and kick back – not moving for a while. So I guess we’re not actually moving.

4 years ago

We are about to leave on a 5-6 week trip (moving every 2-3 days), so we’ll exceed our travel days for the entire last year in one trip. More trips coming since some work and family obligations are cleared up.

4 years ago

As we are full-timers, we travel about 6 months a year. We set the other six at either our Summer or Winter locations. Most of our travel time is during the shoulder seasons.

Frank D
4 years ago

I didn’t take the survey since I was unable to camp at all this season due to medical issues. It could skew the outcome.

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