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We’ve always figured most readers of were 50 years and up. But that’s pretty much a guess on our part. Would you please take 15 seconds to let us know your age so we have a better idea? Thanks a whole bunch! 

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5 years ago

My husband is 66 and I am 65. We have a 5th wheel Prowler, 2004. And have been RVing since 2014.

5 years ago

I am 70 and finally gave up my Harley and enjoying my new fifth wheel for a new lifestyle for at least 20 more years!

Jan & Mary
5 years ago

Our initials – scary as both were assassinated, but we’re going strong at 64 and umm 29 & 29 & 2 😉

Full time RVing for 7 months. I just can’t believe it – every day is a blessing and a vacation, with some cloudy days 🙂

Bob & Barbara Trapp
5 years ago

I’m 68 & she’s 67. Been RVing for
a year and a half now. Traveled over 6000 miles this year and it’s not over yet in our HR Vacationer..Looking forward to full- time some day….

Rene Maloon
5 years ago

Hubby is 75 I’m 71. We have been RVing since 2001. We married late in 1998, First time camping we had a blow up mattress in the back of the pickup. It went flat in the middle of the night. Also camped with only an outhouse in camp grounds. I said I want my own bed & potty or no more camping. 1st one was a cabover camper. Next was a 26 ft. Coachman C class, then we “traded up to an A class until my hubby found the one we now have, A Tioga C class with a pop-out. Already been to Salt Lake City & back, Long trip from Spokane.

Bonnie Bowers
5 years ago

Husband 64 and myself 62, we have been full time for 4 years.

5 years ago

I’m 73, wife is 69. I like younger women. We part time with a group of fellow military retirees twice a year. We have a Montana High Country 5th Wheel and love it. We previously have had 2 different trailers. Been at it for about 15 years.

5 years ago

We are both 75 and have been RVing since 1967, We are on our 2nd HR Endeavor (05 40WDS ) tried a Class C but could not take the noise.
Hope to go fulltime next year. Downsizing now!
Happy Trails and Keep on moving.

5 years ago

Camped in a tents with 30 friends and relatives the second week of our honeymoon, 9/68. In 77, two kids, purchased used pop-up. Retired now with 06 Hartland 3055 BigHorn and as wife tells everyone we pull it with an 06 BigHorn. Camp grounds have certainly changed but so have we. We use our camper as a traveling home. Last summer we covered 9000 miles in 10 weeks. We like to drive 400-600 miles a day stopping overnight then traveling a second day stopping for a week or two. We use our home as base to sightsee 100 miles in any direction. Thus as long as a campground is safe and has hookups we need we’re happy.

Debbie and Mike
5 years ago

Have been seasonal for 6 years as campground hosts. Became full time in March. Wife: 62, hubbie: 67

5 years ago

Been rving over 30 years .I’m now a widow at 70 that still wants to do some traveling. I”ve turned into a winter snowbird and visit my kids in Florida in my 37 ft class A.

Luft Pfeiff
5 years ago

I missed entering my motorhome name. Very personal “LuftHaus”. Both refer to my German ancestry. Luft is short for Luftwaffe, stems from my Navy fighter pilot days. Haus should be obvious. Started RVing 1965, pickup camper, wife and four kids. Eventually all states and provinces, multiple times. Now age 88.7.

Luft Pfeiff
5 years ago

I missed entering my motorhome name. Very personal “LuftHaus”. Both refer to my German ancestry. Luft is short for Luftwaffe, stems from my Navy fighter pilot days. Haus should be obvious. Started RVing 1965, pickup camper, wife and four kids. Eventually all states and provinces, multiple times.

5 years ago

We are 83 & 81, have been RV’ing since 1968. Our Lazy Daze IB is kept up as an escape capsule for when the big one hits central Florida.

Vic Bunn
5 years ago

I’m 78 & my wife is 67. We’re part time travelers. We’ll put on six-seven thousand miles this summer, going from Washington State to New York State to attend my 60th high school reunion. The rest of our time is consumed feeding & photographing wildlife here in the Okanogan Mountains of north central washington on the Canadian border.

5 years ago

I’m 66 and hubby is 69. We started full timing a year ago, with no experience. We did go to RV Bootcamp to learn a few things. That was an eye opener! We’ve put in over 30k miles in a year.

Mike Whelan
5 years ago

I am 67 and my wife is 68 (I love older women). we are both retired and part timers. We do a bit of snow birding and shorter treks during the summer months as we live in one of the best places in the world in the summer time. We have been RVing it all of our lives using everything from a ground tarp to a Class A. I have to admit the Class A is more comfortable so I doubt if we will use many more ground tarps under the stars. Love the life style but just can’t quite get our head around full timing.

5 years ago

I am 59. I pull a 2015′ Evergreen Everlite 232 RBS, 28′. My only concern is that I will stay a good driver, my knees get me up and down the entry stairs, and that one day I might bump up to a Class A or C so I don’t always need to wrestle the weight distribution bars onto the hitch. I am a woman, survived Breast Cancer, the surgeries and the treatments. Not expected to get it again, going on 9 years, but had to have surgery again because one of the “tires” went flat. Made it thru fine, but all I am concerned about is that I had to have the surgery right in the middle of camping season!! Trying to just think positive and not put the age thing in my head, keeping my thoughts looking forward vs limited by a number. What we think has such an impact on how and what we do. Final thought, “I’m going camping”.

Debbie Hansen
5 years ago
Reply to  Nancy

Way to go Nancy! I’m 57 and this is my second year of solo camping with my pup Ginger! Hope you have a great Summer of traveling stay positive and strong!

5 years ago

I am 39. My wife and I got our camper 4 years ago after our son was born. We have a 30 ft travel trailer that we have managed to use almost once a month since its purchase. We now have a 1 year old daughter. Both of the kids get super excited when we start loading the camper. We hope our kids will grow up with an appreciation of the outdoors and be less tied to the electronics that we are all bombarded with.

5 years ago

I go from ‘in my 40’s’ to ‘in my 50’s’ in a couple of months though…

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