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The names our readers gave their motorhomes


By Chuck Woodbury

We give up trying to pick the best names of your RVs based on the nearly 300 names you told us about over the past few weeks. So, we’d like to ask you to make the final decision. We simply could not agree on our favorites.

So here are 14 that we all liked. Will you help us decide the best three? Simply select up to three of the names below. We’ll pick your three favorites by total votes and send their owners a prize, a Tekton digital tire gauge.

By the way, we have not included many of the duplicate names, and there were plenty. Here they are:

Gypsy (and several variations thereof), White Whale, Moby Dick, Odin, Dragons Lair, Monty, Tatonka, Lancelot, HaRV and HaRVy and HaRVey, Magic Carpet Ride (“Magic” for short), Wanderlust, Lewis and Clark (truck and trailer), Lucy or Lucille (for the Lucille Ball movie “The Long Long Trailer”), Behemoth, Rosie, Howie, Beauty and the Beast (truck and trailer) or just The Beast, TARDIS (“Doctor Who”), Dreamcatcher, Serenity, Dink, The Dog House, Daisy, Moonbeam, Seymour or CMore, many variations on COW (Coach on Wheels, Cabin on Wheels, etc.) – with different cow names, and The Turtle.

And now, our favorite 14. Vote below. Select up to three.

  1. Barbie – I’m a full-timer traveling alone. My Bounder’s name is “Barbie”. My name is Ken, and all my life when I introduced myself I often would be asked, “Where’s Barbie”? I now have an answer!
  2. Whirlybird – It’s a Bluebird Wanderlodge. I flew choppers for over 25 years and when I would land sometimes in foreign countries, the kids would point and say, “Look, whirlybird!” It also has a picture of me flying a Huey UH-1 looking for survivors after Mount St. Helens blew in 1980.
  3. The Ranch – Frank is from Wyoming and we’ll never have a real ranch so our RV is it!
  4. Sunshine – ‘Cause that is where she’s taking us.
  5. Mosey – It’s the way we like to travel.
  6. Bert – We bought our RV when our 2 boys were still in high school. We were all together thinking of a name and my oldest said, “How about the Big Rolling Turd” – which came from the movie “RV” with Robin Williams (We all loved that movie.) The abbreviation for Big Rolling Turd is BRT, so we named it Bert.
  7. CramAlotInn – For the motorhome, and our yellow Jeep tag-along is called “We bee tag’n”.
  8. Further – I’ve owned a 21-foot Toyota Dolphin for about 25 years and I love the thing. I was a big fan of Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters in the late sixties. His bus “Further” was always on my mind when I thought of road tripping, so “Further” is the name of my little motorhome. I’m trying to keep Kesey in my and other people’s minds I guess.
  9. Itchy Feet – Our 2004 Class B Pleasure Way is called “Itchy Feet”. It reflects moving on from one location to another when we desire to do so. Itchy Feet provides the means for us to travel when we want and to where we want in style.
  10. Moho – 15 years ago, a sweet little surrogate granddaughter couldn’t say motorhome. She called it Papa and Nana’s moho. The name stuck.
  11. Maria – I just bought a Four Winds MH so named it Maria from the song from Oklahoma “… and they called the wind Maria.” With her V10 she does go like the wind and anywhere the wind blows.
  12. Duckee – We purchased a used 24-foot Fleetwood Mallard from a private party in AZ in 2016 and hauled it home to MN. We named her Duckee and are having a great time “flying south” in the winter.
  13. Jubilee – My little Rialta’s name is Jubilee. Jubilee means freedom and liberty from bondage. I’m so happy that my new-to-me Jubilee will bring me some Adventures without the stress of everyday life.
  14. Hercules – In honor of my 29 years as a flight nurse in the Air Force and many hours in the C130 Hercules airplane. My trailer is a 20′ Airstream so it mimics the plane – both are a stubby tin can next to their counterparts of large RVs or airplanes. I feel almost invincible as a solo female RVer, much like “Hercules” – considering this was a huge retirement decision not having RV experience! I feel a clever name is just as important as the RV choice


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5 years ago

We didn’t get online in time to vote. We love reading all the articles. Our motor home is called HAPPY TO BE HAPPY.

5 years ago

oh I missed the voting!
My first pick would have been for Barbie!
Whirlybird would have gotten my 2nd vote.
And the 3rd vote would have gone to Hercules!

Debbie Hansen
5 years ago

Love the newsletter unfortunately I missed the voting but it was fun reading all the different names and stories my RV name is not that original but “Jack” he is and he makes me smile 🙂

Guy Mazzarella
5 years ago

Didn’t see Bella Via, Sent
It in..

Anna Sapone
5 years ago

We are new to the newsletter and to RV’ing! We have a 2017 Jayco 17Z hybrid travel trailer – and I have officially dubbed her “Lady Liberty!”
We LOVE our Country, our POTUS AND the “Liberty” to travel where we like 🙂

5 years ago

No one picked TraiulerMicTrailerFace

5 years ago

I just found this group…. looking forward to learning a lot. Too late for the name contest but our 31 ft Coachman motor home’s name is haRVey. haRVey the RV. See what I did there?

Rita Anderson
5 years ago

I love MoHo. We have a riding lawnmower we call Big Mo.. She has a “house” we call Big Mo’s Ho … so MoHo just tickled our fancy!

5 years ago

I enjoyed reading about and voting for the best RV name. While I have a 28′ travel trailer by Evergreen which I love, I have yet to name it. But since I towed it behind me round trip 1450 miles to pick up my foster dog, I was either going to name my dog “Miles” or “RV”. Seeing he turned out to be more of a “recreation vehicle”, we call him “RV” for short. Our vet said we are the only people they know of that named their dog that; and, everyone there loves our dog’s name. Maybe I’ll consider naming the trailer “Miles”.

5 years ago
Reply to  Nancy

I thought I would name my next puppy Arvy. It’s pronounced RV. It’s a real name and means friend of people. Miles is cute too.

Mary G Schultz
5 years ago

We got our motorhome for our dog. It’s hard to find a good dog sitter. So we named our motorhome “Divots Ride” he goes everywhere with us now. Of course we take the golf clubs too!

Bill Massicotte
5 years ago
Reply to  Mary G Schultz

We also got our MH for the dogs. Ours is called “Yorkie Dog Carrier”

5 years ago

When visiting friends, we announce “Griswalds are here!”

5 years ago

Our current one is “Star” because she’s the star of the road trip.

5 years ago

I vote for Bart, I also love the movie and watch it every few months for some great laughs.

5 years ago

We call ours The Beast, because she can be one at times.

5 years ago


Ray L.
5 years ago

We have named ours ‘ROMER”

5 years ago

14, 7, 3 – not necessarily in that order

5 years ago

Isn’t the song in Oklahoma, “They called the wind MariaH”
with an “H” on the end? Maybe spell check had a hand in that?

J Hochschieldt
5 years ago

Pretty sure Maria is from Paint Your Wagon not Oklahoma. Love the name and movie.

5 years ago
Reply to  J Hochschieldt

You are correct Maria is from Paint You Wagon,

John Snell
5 years ago
Reply to  J Hochschieldt

Lee Marvin- I was born under a wondrin star, from the same movie.

5 years ago

Great idea to have a contest like this..congrats for sure..My Class C” is named “Freedom” for two reasons ..we feel free when we travel our great country which I served for 30 years in Naval Air flight status so “Freedom” is a special word & meaning to me but not creative enough to enter. Maybe “Flight Status” would have been appropriate for my RV.

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