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Hubby’s campground “hobby” driving wife “plumb” crazy


Dear RV Shrink:rvshrink
My husband is a campground plumbing fanatic. Ever since we started full-time RVing, he prides himself on being able to beat any water system that tries to throttle his hooking up. He has six different kinds of water thief connectors, 300 feet of hose on reels, a 50-gallon fresh water tank in the back of our tow truck, and a tackle box full of various brass and copper fittings. Why can’t he just take up photography or something normal.

This summer he found the water spigots in a campground to have inside female threads instead of outside male threads. He had nothing that would fit. It is not allowed to connect directly to the spigot, but he just wants to know that he can. We drove a hundred miles until he found a fitting that would connect him to this unique plumbing fixture. It makes me nuts. Should I just ignore this fetish? Is it normal? Should I put my foot down and say, “No more plumbing parts?” Help! —Driving me plumb crazy in Kalispell

Dear Plumb:
Do not throttle your husband’s creative urge to solve plumbing puzzles. I knew a guy just like that once. He was always climbing under Airstreams and designing ways to improve plumbing systems. He was a spark plug engineer for General Motors, but his true ambition was plumbing. He eventually started a small RV plumbing company called Thetford.

I’m not saying your husband will become a porta potty king, but at least you will never be in a campground without a water source. He could have a tackle box full of fishing tackle and be spending a lot more time and money looking for the perfect stream or lake to wet a line.

There is nothing abnormal about pursuing plumbing. Some people might think he is a bit of a drip, but you should encourage him in any pursuit that seems to make him content. Remember, different strokes for different folks. —Keep Smilin’, Richard Mallery a.k.a. Dr. R.V. Shrink

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Michael R Hale
5 years ago

My kitchen and laundry tub faucets have threads inside the faucet spouts; the purpose is to allpw addition of the small filter screens which have the matching male threads. This also leaves a smooth outside finish since all the threads are concealed.

Bob Wexler
5 years ago

I only carried 175 feet of potable water hose and a variety of fittings and a water thief. I must admit I have never seen a spigot with internal threads.
The only time I needed to use my water thief, a ranger showed up to inform me I could not run my hose across the road to the spigot, but I was welcome to fill whatever container I had and carry it across the road to my rig

5 years ago

I too carry 100 plus feet of hose and I also have more than one type of spigot connection to fill my tank at a campground and why not , I pay for the spot so I should be able to use the water.

5 years ago

Be thankful for always having safe water. He will bore w this and move on to something else at some point. Enjoy no matter what.

5 years ago

I guess this would be for Mr. Plumb,

From the description to the shrink I could not figure out what kind of water faucet/fitting has “inside” threads. We’ve camped in many places over 20 years and I have to say that I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that…I’d love to see a picture or get a better description and name of the fitting in question.



Wolfe Rose
5 years ago

What peeves me is the constant battle with campgrounds making it impossible to fill my tank via non-connectable spigots. I’m not staying connected, but ground off spigots are useless.

I too carry 300+ feet of hose, water bandit, and a Fernco with hose clamp. I am NOT filling 50gallons by bucket and funnel!