Monday, October 3, 2022


Car doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going

Driving forward or backward isn’t much different with this 1952 Citroen Cogolin, which was operated by the rescue service in Cogolin, France. One night while on patrol, Colonel Hourcastagne came upon a blocked narrow mountain road. Unable to turn the car around, he backed it up down the hill several miles, aided by a fireman with a small flashlight to guide the way.

The incident gave Hourcastagne an idea: build a robust vehicle that could driven forward or in reverse with the same ease. This is how the “two-headed 2CV” came to be. Two front sections were welded together. The two parts function independently, each with its own engine. The car remained in service for 20 years with its peculiar appearance causing a lot of attention from passing motorists and people along the roadside.

This replica of the original car is on display at the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, Tennessee.



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