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If only life were like it’s portrayed in commercials

By Chuck Woodbury
When you think about it, you realize that if life were like how it’s portrayed in advertisements and commercials, it would be pretty darn wonderful! There would be no problems. All would be good and beautiful, and everybody would be attractive, well dressed and groomed, happy and nice. It would be heaven on earth.

The ads for prescription drugs are the best example. While the images are of beautiful places and happy people, the announcer is informing you that the side effects of the drug are that your hair might fall out, or your skin could turn green, or your kidneys might fail, or heck, you might even die. But look at those pretty pictures!

I just came across a video for a new Airstream trailer. It’s basically a 90-second commercial. If you care to take the time, watch it all the way through. Pay attention to the campsite at the end where the happy couple has met up with another happy couple and they are enjoying themselves at a picnic table overlooking the ocean. You can actually see the campsite right below without even playing the video.

Here is my question: How many times in, say, the last couple of years have you enjoyed such a spectacular setting at a commercial campground? I’m going to think about my response for the next couple of minutes, but I’m guessing I will pick answer number 3.


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Einar Hansen
3 years ago

We just got back from a week camping in Boothbay, ME. It was much better then the ad. Had a site on the Cross River and saw bald eagles,blue herons,seals and all kinds of fish jumping at high tide. And even dug our own clams and gathered mussels and bought lobsters for dinner with our friends that we met many years ago here camping. We come back every year, all of us at the same week so we can all catch up with things and just spend a great vacation with what we call our ” Maine Gang “

Steve Peterson
3 years ago

This obviously a commercial, but there are many beautiful places to camp, be it a commercial campground or BLM free spot. We enjoy where ever we camp. It may not be this idyllic but all are what you make them. This small TT is obviously set up for the joy of camping but as Chuck has implied, LET’S GET REAL!

I agree this looks like the Outer Banks. Great place

Joel and Betty
3 years ago

We have been in 350 different RV parks……we don’t camp without hookups since we require our creature comforts. The advertising is a lot of BS….but possible.

Randy Sullivan
3 years ago

Nice video but I did notice that there are no hookups of any kind.
we usually state at state park campgrounds or Army Corps of Engineers campgrounds.

Sharon Stoops
3 years ago

Your answer choices do not make sense for us. Like Jim, we almost never look for a commercial site. We prefer more remote, more natural campsites and are willing to skip the “amenities” to find them. It’s funny how often some of the most beautiful and restful camping (and I am not talking about boondocking sites but those established and designated as campground) are often barely populated with other campers. I suspect that many folks must pass up these spots because they do not offer full hookups or are in out-of-the-way locations. Whatever the reasons these spots are not overused, we bless the ones making the decision. Just a couple of evenings ago, we had an entire COE campground to ourselves and a nice shaded site on the edge of the lake; the night before that, we stayed in a free National Park campground, again the only ones there. We had a nice pine forest area all to ourselves and a hill from which to view the sunset over the forest. “Outstanding” is in the eye of the beholder, I guess.

Eric Schinazi
3 years ago

I had to smile when I watched the video. I do feel very fortunate as the place in the video is the Outer Banks off North Carolina. and I was just there last weekend. And your number is correct, as least for me, as we get out there once or twice a year. It’s worth a trip for anyone.

Captn John
3 years ago

I too stay at some great Famcamps. Some are not so great as in the private sector. Some are now being over run by those set and never move. Next year they get more crowded as refs change.

3 years ago

I almost never stay in commercial parks. When I do it is because the locations is near someplace we need/want to be. There are too many state, COE and federal parks that actually are pretty to bother with commercial parks.

3 years ago

I hate to brag. Well that’s a lie. Let me brag. As a benefit of my husbands 20 years of military service, we have access to FamCamps on bases all over the world. We spend a lot of time in Key West, but Camp Pendleton in Oceanside CA looks strikingly like the video. Too many more to mention. And they are heavily populated with old retired military farts like us. We have made lifelong friends at these parks, often travelling with them. Ours is truly a blessed lifestyle.

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