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January Florida RV SuperShow to go on as scheduled

The 2021 Florida RV SuperShow will go on as scheduled Jan. 13-17, despite the threat of even worse COVID-19 cases in the months ahead. The Florida RV Trade Association (FRVTA) Board of Directors has voted to stage the five-day show, although it will cancel Industry Day. The show will be held at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa.

“We will be instituting a lot of new measures to make sure the show is a clean and safe environment for the public as well as our exhibitors,” said FRVTA Show Director Lesa Colvin.

Temperature checks will be done on all exhibitors and attendees. Masks will be required inside the buildings and RVs as required by Hillsborough County. Sanitizer and wash stations will be located throughout the show. Social distancing will be enforced and both supplier buildings and RVs will be sanitized nightly and cleaned on a regular basis during the show.

FRVTA Executive Director Dave Kelly said it was a tough decision to cancel Industry Day but the board did what they thought was the right thing. “I hope everyone can understand this is not a typical year, we are concentrating all of our efforts into holding the most successful public show we can. Any extra time we can have to make sure we are ready to welcome the public is appreciated this year.”

Overnight Camping is available for $20 a night, paid at the gate, and is handled by the Florida State Fairgrounds. No reservations are required and no services are offered.

What do you think?
Do you believe the show should go on or be postponed until a later date?

COMMENTS ARE CLOSED. I’ve left most of them intact, but I don’t feel like spending hours bleeping out the name-calling and derogatory comments, so I’ve closed them before they degrade any further. However, you can still vote in the poll. —Diane



Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodbury
I'm the founder and publisher of I've been a writer and publisher for most of my adult life, and spent a total of at least a half-dozen years of that time traveling the USA and Canada in a motorhome.


  1. Money over people, a familiar sad reaction. We wouldn’t have to close down everything if people weren’t too vain to wear a mask. Such a small ask to help protect my family, your family.

  2. If there is a good thing that will come out of this is there should be a few more thousand open spots for the smart RVer’s to use.

  3. Yes it should go on. Way too many things being shutdown, closed, cancelled over this virus which is nowhere near as bad as all the media hype wants you to think. I wish we could upvote/downvote other comments on here.


  5. It amazes me how this country has turned into a only about me me me. It also shows me you’re okay with giving the doctors and nurse who are on the front lines trying to save your fellow Americans the middle finger.
    I’m absolutely disgusted by my fellow Americans some of these people dying are veterans who served to keep you safe and front line workers.

  6. Sorry folks. Protect the most vulnerable for sure. However, the scamdemic will go down as the largest hoax in human history. Flu numbers for 2020 are not much different than previous years. 60 million suffered from the Bird Flu/SARS and we didn’t do anything remotely as absurd as we are doing now. Only the best masks, that the public does not use, block a micro virus. Yes, people will suffer from this pandemic but we have gone so overboard when it comes to whole “safety at all costs” methodology it is amazing…amazingly sad that is. Fear rules the day. It is a virus, we are all going to get it at some point. It is what viruses do. And no politician can stop it.

    • The difference with the “bird flu/SARS” is that 300,000 Americans have died from COVID-19. Masks and social distancing work, if we all use them. Crowded gatherings like the proposed Florida RV show are a public health risk and should not be supported. Follow the guidelines from the CDC, for your friends and families’ sake, if not your own.

  7. Web md Sudden cardiac death (SCD) is a sudden, unexpected death caused by a change in heart rhythm (sudden cardiac arrest). It is the largest cause of natural death in the U.S., causing about 325,000 adult deaths in the U.S. each year. SCD is responsible for half of all heart disease deaths. so if ur a adult use ur own mind abt the rv show

  8. Viruses, chronic heart failure and cancer kill individuals. Shutdowns kill societies. If you are going to mingle with the masses, take individual responsibility to protect your health. We all have choices and freedom to exercise those individual choices. That’s what makes our country great.

    • And nobody died from anything else? The numbers are wrong and all deaths are called Covid deaths. Funny how Covid eradicated the flu !!!!

      • Of course Covid eradicated the flu! The measures we take to reduce Covid also reduce flu – even more so because flu is less contagious. If we all wore masks and distanced every year, there would never be any flu.

  9. These people are greedy. IF everyone would just follow the recommendations for care we could get this covid under control.

    • Bev, none of this is going away. Covid is a con. There’s so much going on behind the scenes that no one talks about because it’s not in the news. Do not trust the government, or media. World leaders are changing the way we live for the worse under the guise of CV and climate change, while we all bicker about nonsense. “Build back better, the great reset”…. strap in folks, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  10. With a 99.7% survival rate, I’d be more fearful to be in my car driving all the way there.. I think it’s great that they are having this and since the masks (shaming muzzles) don’t work anyway against any virus I don’t think that should be required . Temp checks, no problem that’s actually a good idea anyway in other circumstances…
    Flu season has been so much better this year, I guess since everyone has covid now!
    So take your vit c and have a good time, I wish I could go !!
    If you have an Underlying desease then stay home and should stay home during every flu season and to big gatherings anyway..
    Just my humble opinion!

    • Don’t know where you got the 99.7% survival rate, unless you are using the total population which includes those never infected. In which case, I don’t think your number is using the more recent death totals.
      A better percentage to reference would be the mortality rate (percentage of deaths of those infected): greater than 3%. It was over 7% in the Spring but the medical community has improved treatments.

      What studies are you looking at to show masks don’t work?? They aren’t perfect (what is?), but the studies show masks help reduce the spread. Just ask the surgeon during your next operation. For me it is easier to wear a mask than reduce the spread by never leaving home. Not wearing a mask in public, or shaming muzzle as you call them, shows someone doesn’t know the science and isn’t even trying.

      If you think masks are silly, how does it hurt you or your rights to wear a mask for the sake of others?

      • Go deeper in your research … not mainstream media! They will lie to you. With asthma I would be in the hospital if I wore a mask!
        I was like you at the beginning until I realized I was being fooled by the elite. Trust me at first I was fearful and didn’t want to go anywhere. Didn’t take long to figure out something didn’t seem right so I did some deep deep digging and then woke up and realized I’ve been lied to . I was not willing to be a part of their plan.
        Doctors have to wear masks since they are talking while performing surgery in case accidental spit fell inside the incision.
        This is all part of a plan… let’s go live our lives best possible and not be one a communist country under a dictatorship!

        • What if that deeper digging you did for some obscure facts is actually the lie! Wake up! While down there did you also read where the earth was flat, and that airplanes disperse Chem trails out the jet exhaust.

          • Or just even check out the cdc website yourself !
            I’m shocked at how ppl can’t do research and say they do!
            Its a real virus created by humans but it’s not as dangerous as they are making it out to be.. but they’ve got us right where they want us!! Programmed sheep that will do everything they tell us to or else…
            but the book of revelations has already warned us of this !

      • I for one cannot breathe wearing a mask. When I do I wear one I get a bad headache within a few minutes of putting it on.

        • Me either and my mother in law started passing out at docs office and when the doctor tested her oxygen it had dropped so much he told her to take her mask off ASAP … didn’t take long and oxygen level went right back up

  11. like i always say everybodys RIGHTS stop at my TOES dont tell me to live yr way,the show must go on to keep some senceability ,other wise why go on, just dig a hole jump in & pull it in behine u

  12. We will be there! If you are worried about catching COVID, then please stay home! Life is too short to live in fear!

  13. As a Canadian, I am somewhat shocked not only that this event will continue as scheduled, but the vote is 51-49%.
    We have our own challenges in Canada to be sure, but does anyone wonder why 3,000 Americans are dying every day from COVID-19?

    • Thanks you Leonard. American as a lot, are non-compliant people. They will not do what that are told because of our rights. Most of these people will comply if there is a personal penalty. ie: no seat belt, stop sign, railroad crossings, They don’t want to know the science of the Covid virus, so they make up false news, others read this and believe this. OH WELL?

    • Amen brother. I live in Oregon and have been ashamed of the way our country’s leadership, and about half of my fellow citizens, are addressing the Covid situatiton. We, as a county, have enough money to cover the costs of mandatory shutdowns both for individual workers AND small businesses. It’s not hard to do the right things…stay home if you can, wear a mask and keep your distance when you must go out, and wash often.

      Also, while I have the soapbox… Oregon is experiencing it’s own Covid spikes right now. When I see RVs sporting New York, Illinois, Texas, North and South Dakota, Washington, Idaho, and California plates on our highways and in our state parks I wonder what sort of “Science Experiment” they are conducting. Oregon’s Covid numbers are going up nicely, and our hospital beds counts are going down quickly enough without adding your names to our county health department tracking lists. : )

      Please stay home. Thank you.

    • Psst, the news is propaganda, our leaders are acting in their own self interests. Enjoy your enslavement. Your obedience is prolonging this nonsensical tyranny.

    • A major part of the problem is that our governor follows his idol. DeSantis loves the media attention as does the country’s leader. Neither state the truth and facts but love to fluff their feathers during news conferences touting the vaccine. For hard factual numbers about the vaccine just approved, there are 15,000 doses arriving in Philadelphia on Monday. They are giving it to health care workers in the hospitals first then to first responders and nursing home workers and patients. In Philly, there are over 70,000 health care providers at hospitals and medical practices.
      DO THE MATH! According to the FDA, the next round of doses for the general public will be in the spring/summer of 2021.
      Just remember that our federal government did not opt to purchase additional doses. Guess the virus will go away by then, Huh Donald?

  14. My wife, three children, and I, have been camping and RV’ving for quite a long time, we have been through many states in this great USA. In this past year with this highly publicIzed virus , we have seen a mix of senior, middle, and young families out there, enjoying the benefits of camping and rv’ing. All have been following guidelines, while ‘outside’. It would be a shame to cancel an ‘outdoor’ show, because of a few. The folks we know, that have health issues, have been using the ‘health guidelines’ , and have not gotten, nor spread this disease. Trying not to be political, but the state of Florida has half the stats of serious consequences from this disease , then those states ‘up north’ . If you feel you would be health compromised, I would suggest you don’t go.

    • The problem is, a lot of the show is not “outdoors.” My wife and I went last year and had a great time… we were the ones with the two Shetland sheep dogs. There are indoor venues and of course EVERYBODY is going into the RVs and trailers on display. Not one couple at a time, either LOL. And, even outdoors, you’re very close to other people and the six-foot thing is not going to work. We are older and wear masks, and don’t see that as infringing any more than wearing clothes in public or driving on the right.

  15. I voted no. At this point in time, I plan on attending, this may change. I do wear a mask and am very conscious of everything and everyone around me when I am not at home. Overly cautious because of the number of people I have know and have seen with COVID?, possibly. I know the science, the chances and everything else. I take a chance every time I go for a walk, a bike ride, jump in a car, etc. this is also a chance and a choice. If things get dramatically worse, I will not go but for now I am going, with masks and hand sanitizer!

  16. This will be the most commented article, for sure. Unfortunately there is no reasoning with anyone on either side. We’ll be on our way to 500k dead (just US…because we’re “winning”) by this time in January marking one of the darkest times in human history in the world. Fact.

    Should states close down? No, unless there is financial support…which there is no coordinated national response. Fend for yourselves sheep while the masters drink our expensive whiskey in the ranch with expensive medicine to protect my our friends!

    Every closure is an arbitrary decision at this point, shutting down small businesses. Don’t worry…the big companies that fund re-election campaigns can stay open.

  17. Lockdowns have been proven to be ineffective as well as most masks. Keeping our distance and sanitizing our hands properly are most effective. People CAN NOT remain locked up. This is causing even greater problems. Anyone who supports staying home and lockdowns must be receiving some type of pension and or social security. Stop your income completely too when lockdowns occur and see how well you pay the morgage, car payments, insurance, and food.

  18. We must get serious about this virus, stay home and wear a mask when out in public.
    The sooner we get the virus under control the sooner we can get back to normal.

  19. Do you shop at Walmart, Home Depo, or a grocery store? Have you eaten out in the last month? If you’re afraid stay home. I’ll be there and yes I’ve had Covid. NBD be I take care of myself and so should you

  20. Just another way for more people, who have Covid-19, to infect hundreds of those who don’t. Shut it down until the numbers begin to fall. Nobody needs an RV that bad. go to your local dealer and look through the lot or better yet on-line.

  21. We will be there with masks on, hand sanitizer and a smile on our face.. If I can go to the grocery store to get groceries in a confined building with others, I can surely attend an outdoor event that I have been wanting to go to for years. Life is a gamble. We do what we can and try our best to survive. Made it through lead paint on my crib, drinking from a hose, swine flu and those dangerous lawn darts. One good thing is we have a choice. It is totally your choice.

    • Lance, it is refreshing to read a logical, well thought out, comment like yours. I am of the same mindset! We all can choose to either go, or stay home!

  22. I voted that it probably should not go on but I am still planning on being there. I have a pretty good idea of which 5th I will be getting so I want to check it, and the show price out, put in my order and then leave. I just sold my house and am making the transition to full time rv’g so I need to upgrade from my 2001 class A.

    • So let me get this straight…… You voted it shouldn’t go on but yet, you are going to it? How do you reason that one out? I am not criticizing you for going because we are going too! I am just questioning your logic about your vote. Because you are walking right to the Model you wish to purchase and leaving right away, that does not make you any less susceptible to it.

  23. so now RVers can become a part of a super spreader event The RV assn cancels the industry day but not the huge income generating days. Ridiculous

    • Excellent point Bonnie, money, no pun intended, trump’s everything. As has been said, we have our rights, one of them is “dead to rights.”

    • “Super spreader event” was never a term before 2020. Please stop repeating rhetoric you heard on the evening news. These are terms that are brainwashing society so people refuse to think for themselves.

      • Angela, through your writing, you seem to be an educated person. However, super-spreader has been in the infectious disease vocabulary for over 100 years , if not longer. The most famous one was with Typhoid Mary, ever hear of her??? That was in the first decade of 1900. So , explain to me what your leaders are telling you about fake news?

  24. We are in the middle of the worse part of the Coronavirus pandemic and the RV industry still wants to hock their RV stuff?

    More evidence of their profits first thinking. They are already selling more RVs than ever. This is just greed.

    It’s predicted that the Covid spike will be much worse right about the days of the Tampa show. Right now Floriduh is climbing. People refuse to not modify their lives one bit. Why? FREE DUMB!

    Most of the people who will attend are over 65 and chances are good many have health issues that coronavirus will take advantage of. And social distancing? Have you ever been to an RV Show? Thousands of people climbing in and out of RVs.

    I plan to pass this huge super coronavirus spreading event!

    • That is funny Marty, we have been going to Walmart and shopping centers since this all began and we haven’t contracted anything yet. Tell me Walmart isn’t crowded on a Saturday and Sunday! I am glad you are passing on this event. It shows that in America, we still have the option of going, or not going. But just because someone chooses to go, that does not make them “DUMB”! But your description of Florida and the people that choose to go to the show is very rude and ignorant, at best! So stay locked up in your little space and we will choose to do as we have been doing. You have zero bearing on anyone’s decisions but your own! Enjoy your life!

    • Same thoughts as many here. There’s no logic, in many cases, for all the COVID restrictions and no science, at least in many cases. Or if there is science in some of the cases, they don’t explain it and don’t provide the data. Why are places like these not restricted: Home Depot, IKEA, Target, Walmart, BJ’s, Lowe’s, just to name a few, and the list goes on and on. These places are packed all the time, especially on weekends. How do we manage to go to all these places and not be in super spreader environments? Why have the mayors and Govornor’s in many states decimated the restaurant industry, including already small restaurants that are operating at 25% capacity or outdoors only at this time of the year? Ask for the science and none will be provided. Close all businesses, require everyone to stay locked up at home, close churches, cancel all holidays, all jobs lost, destroy the economy, set us back to a third world country or the pre-industrial period. I DON’T THINK SO!

      • John, very good response. It expounds on my comment about Walmart. I am 70 and I don’t wear a mask, unless forced to and then I stay away from any place I am forced to wear a mask, for the future. This RV show is no different than going to Walmart, or any of the other Big Box Stores. I would bet anything that most, if not all, of those posting negative comments on here about going to the show, go to some of the places that are mentioned in your comment. I call that selective hypocrisy!
        John, have a Merry Christmas and enjoy your life! We are!

        • Ed, we do go to Walmart, we order online, drive there, park, push the trunk button, they load, we leave. We also sanitize things before putting them away, then sanitize the stagjng/cleaning area we used. We do the same for prescriptions, call the pharmacy and they bring them to the car.

          • Ray, I am glad to hear that works for you. But there are many others on here that I would bet go inside the store to shop.

    • Dude, calm down. It’s a Casedemic. Lol. Stop with all the fear. The test doesn’t prove jack. Maybe stop watching the news, and do some actual investigation of this. You can do!

      • Dude believe the scientists and not the orange that turned this into a political situation. If you do catch this I hope you don’t spread it to other innocent people and cause their death but from your responses it doesn’t seem you would care.

  25. Another example of “you can’t fix stupid” One would have to be crazy to attend something like this during a time when the Covid will be at it’s worse levels. Far too early to see any real effect of the vaccine.

    • Robert, you have your “opinion”, others have their “opinion”! Calling someone “stupid” because they do not agree with you, is childish at best! I thought there were moderators here that were supposed to control the needless diatribe of those who can’t seem to control themselves!

      • Yes, there are moderators on here, but at 3:51 a.m., when you posted this, we’re trying to sleep. —Diane at

    • I believe most states (even Red state recently) would not approve a gathering this large. Look at the number of covid deaths in the Tampa area hospitals. ICU bed are being increased but there is no replacement RNs. It doesn’t take an Einstein to review to see where this virus is going. USA has got the worst compliance in the world and it shows.

  26. Where have all the flowers gone?
    Long time passing.
    Where have all the flowers gone?
    Long time ago.
    Where have all the flowers gone?
    The girls have picked them every one.
    Oh, When will you ever learn?
    Oh, When will you ever learn?

    • I have a better version for Minnesota:

      Where have all the Police gone?
      Long time passing.
      Where have all the Police gone?
      Long time ago.
      Where have all the Police gone?
      The Cities have “defunded” them every one.
      Oh, When will you ever learn?
      Oh, When will you ever learn?

        • It is but you are using a song to basically say that we haven’t learned anything about Covid. My response is to let you know that people in Glass Houses, shouldn’t throw stones! If you want to have a conversation about the RV show in Tampa, don’t make it about the intelligence of the people who are going. I will be more than willing to discuss the merits, or reasoning of attending the show but I won’t allow people to insult my intelligence because I exercised my rights as an American Citizen to go to an RV show. I don’t make things personal about you, so don’t do it to me either.

          • Ahhh, but you did make it personal about me being from Minnesota and by assuming I support defunding the police.

          • I simply meant that your State is full of people making poor choices. But your original comment was a personal attack on people that choose to go to the show. So you tossed the first grenade. As usual, you never addressed the merits of your comment because you have no merits.

  27. I believe that the show should go on. If there are people that are concerned they will catch something there, those individuals should stay home. We all have that option!
    I guess my point is….. How many restrictions, for how long, is too much? We are told to wear masks because it is the “droplets” from sneezing, or coughing, that we don’t want to pass off to others but reversing that logic, they say that the mask wearer could still catch it form others droplets, when they sneeze or cough. Logic dictates that if it can be contracted, even while wearing a mask, it can be given by the mask wearer as well! The manufactures of masks are raking in the money with their new found commodity!

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