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RV Review: The Jayco Jay Feather 22RB is very nice

Today’s RV review is of the Jayco Jay Feather 22RB, a great couple’s camper that has the advantages that come with the Jayco brand. At 5,530 pounds, this camper isn’t tremendously heavy, but it features a first-rate bathroom and a completely private master bedroom. 

Highlights of the Jay Feather

For those who want a big bathroom in a trailer that you could arguably use for moochdocking in a friend’s driveway, this is certainly a good choice. The bathroom in this takes up the entire width of the camper. 

There’s lots of space around the royal decision-making seat, plus a large shower. And, unlike the Heartland North Trail 25RBP, there is only one sink, leaving the rest of the counter for your stuff. 

In fact, in many ways this trailer is roughly the same floor plan as that Heartland product. I think it would be logical to compare the two. 

Entry door from outside in front bedroom of the Jay Feather

Another feather in Jayco’s cap (feather, hehe) is the fact that the front bedroom on this has an entry door from the outside. While the bed is a camp queen, there is absolutely enough space to put a real queen in here. 

There are also cubbies behind the closet on either side of the bed with a 120-volt power outlet. So you could arguably put a CPAP in there or just charge your devices and whatnot. 

A blue night light illuminates this space, if you choose to turn it on. But why, oh why, did anyone in the RV industry ever choose blue light for nighttime illumination? There is so much evidence that it’s a bad thing, including this article from Harvard Health. 

Living space

The main living space on this has a kitchen that would earn it five stars if it didn’t have the worthless 16” oven. But there is a backsplash that follows the full “L” shape of the kitchen—very unusual and a big plus. 

Drawers and cabinet space abound in the kitchen, but there’s more beneath the TV. Further, a large pantry/closet just off the main entry door adds to the storage. This space is made better by motion sensor lighting and recessed shelves, allowing you to hang brooms and such. Plus, there’s a 120-volt outlet in here. 

I like Jayco’s use of the “L”-shaped couch, as seen in Josh’s video, though you can also have a “U”-shaped dinette. But that couch comes with a freestanding table and offers good seating space. If you have some guests, you could also drag in a couple of folding chairs and have a whole shindig. 

Further, the extended “L” section of the couch lifts up and there’s even more storage. 

Boondocking and travel access

Surprisingly this trailer is really good at travel access. While the slide partially blocks access to the fridge, it does open enough that you can still get to it. 

The slide also blocks access from the main living area to the bedroom. But there’s a door to the bedroom which solves this problem, with one exception. If you sleep in the same outfit you were born in and need to make a potty run in the middle of the night with the slide room closed, you should consider a robe. 

Unless you’re really good looking—and then consider charging to watch the run. 

There’s a lot of water storage aboard this rig, with 55 gallons of fresh water available. Further, you can get this with a 190-watt solar panel and still have the propane-electric RV fridge. So you could maximize boondocking, if that’s your style. 


Some RV companies impress me more than others, and Jayco is one that is on the “more impressive” list. This trailer now features the Azdel substrate in the wall construction, for example.

The tires are Goodyear Eagle brand, also a plus. Jayco also features what they call their JaySMART™ lighting. It flashes the side marker lights and a top marker light with the turn signals. This is something I think should be required. It’s not, and only Jayco and Ember have this feature.

Even further, there are provisions for the usual backup camera, and also for side cameras.

Jayco also has something they call JayPort™, which is essentially a two-inch receiver in the side of some of their products. It enables you to hang things like a barbecue, which is included.

The one odd thing about this rig is that the JayPort is almost at the front of the rig, whereas there is a bar-sized fridge all the way at the back of the rig. Maybe running back and forth between them is how you work off your prize-winning barbecue.

In summary

For the size and packaging of this trailer, I think Jayco has absolutely nailed it. No, I don’t like floor furnace vents. But you can buy sheets of magnetic material to cover them when you’re not using them—which is what I would do. 

Jayco now uses vinyl flooring throughout, including in the slide. So this is completely carpetless. Yay. 

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Tony Barthel has been a life-long RV enthusiast and travels part-time with his wife where they also produce a podcast, write about RVs and love the RV lifestyle.


  1. nothing but problems with this trailer since August. The shower stall was warped, refridgerator was cracked from manufacturer and now continues to beep beep beep switches from electric to propane and we have put new control panel on. the mold and trim falling off, heater was not working, fridge was freezing, dinette was put in wrong and showing frame and more. I will never buy a Jayco trailer again or a rv with dometic refridgerators. all warranties suck from both jayco and dometic.
    A tin can outhouse that is not worth the money!!!! Rv Manufacturers all need more rules, laws and regulations to follow for inspections before selling to consumers….a class action law suit needs to happen to all rv mnufactureres.

  2. Seems like the Jayco Jay Feather 22RB is on the expensive side. it ha that dangerous table that I would never buy another RV with. I’d also want the large oven. I do like outdoor kitchens. But would want the stove/griddle by the outside fridge.

  3. Could have been a perfect couple’s trailer if they had a real queen-sized bed. But, if you replace the short queen as Tony suggests, can you still get around it when rushing to that big bathroom at 2:00am? Not having a front windshield above the bed is a huge plus for 4-season camping.

    The too-small oven just means more storage available for pots and pans, because that’s all it’s good for. And I haven’t seen an outdoor kitchen with an oven on even a 40′ fifth wheel. So no turkey and pumpkin pie at a Thanksgiving campout with this trailer!

  4. I like this rig! For as small as it is, there’s lots of good stuff. I like the two doors, but why do they use two different stairs? At least the big drip-possible staircase is in the living area and not in the bedroom. Bathroom is great, and the kitchen is impressive. But why oh why do they waste space on an outside kitchen on such a small-ish trailer? Lotsa fresh water though.

    They say it’s 50 amp ready in case you want a 2nd ac. On this size trailer? And I know the trend is getting away from carpeting, but I still like to step out of the bed onto a nice piece of ‘ruggage’, especially when it’s cold outside.

    This is a perfect sized camper for two. Aside from the restrictions with the slide in, a lot of boxes get checked with this one.


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